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Any 9/20s out there?

How are things going for everyone out there? We still haven't finalize the ceremony, timeline, or table arrangements. Hope I'm not the only one! :)

Re: Any 9/20s out there?

  • You are not alone, we haven't started with our ceremony yet!  Hopefully meeting with our officiant this week.  No idea about table arrangements either, our venue doesn't typically do weddings but they are buying tables this week so once we know how many tables there will be that should help there.  

    I feel like there are just all the little things now. Seating arrangements, place cards, I have to finish making favors and some decorations.  We still need to get shirts and ties for the guys and I need to figure out my accessories.  I think that's it, I feel like I am probably forgetting something though and won't realize it until that day!

    I can't believe it is less than three weeks away now!  It feels surreal, all the planning that's gone on and now it is almost here!
  • I'm actually 9/22 (yes, its a Monday), so I hope you don't mind me posting on your thread.

    I still haven't done anything in terms of an actual "timeline" for the day, nor has our officiant shared what he is writing for the ceremony (he swears he's doing it though). FI is supposed to be working on the cake, and I'll be handling the catering. Trying not to stress, because the whole reason we are doing it this way is to NOT stress and have fun.

    (We are having a very small 10 person "ceremony" at our favorite park, and having a really good friend officiate. Everything is casual, nothing formal. Yikes.)
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    I'm 9/23 so close to your date! We are having our immediate family and going out to dinner. I *think* the timeline is good, and we just need to touch up the ceremony. I've tried to plan everything early so if something comes up I can focus on that one thing.
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  • Yay for the 9/20 weekend all of us!!!

    I'm so glad that I'm not the only one still figuring some things out. It's nice to hear the less-stress attitudes too. As it gets closer, the more I have to remind myself about having fun with it. I'm a little worried since I'm taking an all-day class the Wednesday and Thursday before the wedding so it'd be so much easier to get all of the organizing done before then. But, it's a once in a lifetime experience (god willing) and I'm soaking it up as much as possible.
  • We're 9/21!!

    And I love reading that everyone else is still working out the same kinks I am! 

    Thanks for making me feel like we're not the only ones who don't have a timeline finalized yet :-)
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  • Yup, still working on the little things. Plus my fiance and I are working 60+ hours each in our new jobs to help pay for this and the house we lose on the 26th. I know, we are crazy! We thought it would take a while to find a house we both liked, but it was only the 5th house we saw. So here we are trying to get everything ready for both the wedding and move. We are doing the prep for the food ourselves and having his culinary friends do the day off to save money, so that's our biggest stress right now. ;-)
  • I just finalized my timeline on Friday.... The wedding is in 6 days. We should have eloped! Good luck on your day
  • It's getting so close, hope everyone is doing well and things are coming together.  I spent over three hours finishing favors yesterday, but they are done!  Just have to finish the seating chart, decided to make a pretty chart instead of individual place cards, and get my toss bouquet.  How is everyone doing?  I don't know what I'm going to do with myself when the wedding and honeymoon are over!
  • We still haven't finalized the readings's so hard to pick them!
  • The person we asked to do a reading is picking his own so that is easy for us, I think he is actually writing something himself.  So excited to hear it on the day!  I came across one 'the art of marriage' that I really liked if he didn't pick one on his own.
  • Have a wonderful weekend ladies! May your days be filled with love, smiles, and beautiful memories!
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