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How many photographers did you contact before deciding who to go with?

How many photographers did you contact before deciding who to go with? 20 votes

10% 2 votes
30% 6 votes
40% 8 votes
15% 3 votes
0% 0 votes
5% 1 vote

Re: How many photographers did you contact before deciding who to go with?

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    I emailed 5 to get pricing, but I only met with the one we hired. I think it is wise to get pricing from several photog, but I don't think it's bad to only met with one. If they are in your price range, have a strong portfolio AND you click and feel comfortable with them, then it's ok to stop looking :)
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  • I'm super picky about style, and the one we chose was the only one whose style we absolutely loved. I also read a ton of reviews about her. Once we met her, we knew she was the one. No need to keep looking.
  • We contacted 4 about pricing and met with 2... but the style and personality of the photog we chose just fit us best. We read tons of reviews, and looked through what seems like hundreds of her photos... A suggestion we found helpful while looking was to ask to see a photographers photo books of entire weddings... as a lot only post a few of the best shots of each day on their websites.  It gave us a good feel for her style and creativity.
  • We contacted 2, and met with those same 2. 

    The first that we contacted, I loved his work, however, his pricing was waayyy over what I wanted to spend, I think for only 1 photographer, a few hours of his services and a couple other things, starting price was $2-3,000. His highest package that included everything that we would have wanted was around $5-6,000 so you can see why we decided not to go with the first photographer. The first package I believe included 1 maybe 2 photographers, somewhere between 8-10, or unlimited hrs, I believe an engagement shoot, a photo book, plus a parents photo book, or something along those lines, its been awhile. 

    The 2nd photographer that we met, and who we booked, is $2,000 for unlimited hrs on wedding day, we also get an album that includes 25 photos that we pick, and an online gallery. $500 for a usb with copyrights to print for the wedding photos. An engagement session is 2-3 hrs long, and was an additional $350 and a usb with those images is an additional $100 with copyright release. We paid 50% upon booking, then pay again 1 month before the wedding, then pay again when our proofs are done after the wedding. 
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