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Order of Processional

What is the order of processional in Jewish wedding?
I am getting different responses from different sources.
I understand there is no "law", but what is the tradition?

Thank you!

Re: Order of Processional

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    This is what I did:

    My grandmother (accompanied by my uncle)
    Junior groomsmen
    Groomsman/Bridesmaid (husband and wife)
    Best man 1/Bridesmaid (husband and wife)
    Best man 2/Bridesmaid (his brother/my sister)
    Groom with mother
    MOH 1
    MOH2/ring bearer (mother/son)
    Flower girls
    Me, with my parents
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    We're doing:

    Best Man
    Groom w/parents
    Bridesmaids (two are the moms of the RBs, so if needed, they will walk their sons)
    flower girl & escort (too many nephews!!)
    Bride w/parents
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    We just met with our officiant to discuss details, and we will be having:

    brothers/groom's best friend carrying the chuppah
    groom w/groom's parents
    ring bearers
    bride w/bride's parents

    (We don't have a wedding party.)
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    I did:

    Groomsmen (one at a time; I had four)
    Groom w/ parents (DH's father doubled as Best Man)
    Bridesmaids (one at a time; I had three)
    Flower Girls (I had two)
    Bride w/ parents
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    We did:

    His grandfather
    My grandparents
    His stepfamily (both his parents are remarried to people who have kids from a previous marriage, so we had the step-parents each walk with their kids)
    Groomsmen and Bridesmaids (traditionally they walk separately, but we had them walk together)
    Best Man
    Groom's Parents and Groom
    Maid of Honor
    Bride's Parents and Bride

    Basically, my advice would be to do whatever feels best to you.  Everyone's wedding party and family are different, so what worked for other people may not work for you and vice versa.  Like you said, there's no "law" of how to do it, so however you decide to do it is totally acceptable! Smile
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    We're doing:
    bridesmaids/groomsmen (in pairs)
    groom w/ parents
    flower girls
    bride w/ parents.
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    What we did:

    Cantor and Rabbi w/ketubah

    Grandparents of the groom
    4 gm's
    best man
    groom with his parents

    5 bm's
    me and my father
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