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Hi Ladies! FI and I were talking favors the other day. We want to give to charity, but we want our guests to have something too. We're thinking of going with Truffles for A Cause - our guests get a small box of truffles with the proceeds going to a charity of our choice. What do you all think of that idea?

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  • I think that's cute - you're not dictating where THEIR money goes, but they are part of the donation in a way. Plus, everyone loves truffles :)
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  • I like it! Your guests gets a yummy treat (who doesn't like edible favors?) and you get to donate to charity! :)

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    Charity favors are a VERY hot topic for some people. If you decide to do it, I'd suggest not announcing it in any big way (suggested ways are a small sign somewhere near the escort card table or in the programs). Having the truffles def helps but I would have it without the card included.


  • I like it.  I am thinking of doing gift bags.
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