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Like many of you this is my first rodeo planning a wedding :)

Can you help me get a better idea of how you coordinate your limo services for the day with a church ceremony and reception hall?
Do you have to let people coming in the limo know to get a ride after? do you book the limo long enough to get everyone to church, reception and back to starting point?
What about the parents? do we need to coordinate car service to bring them home? 
most people will be drinking...

how many hours do we book for?

as you can tell, lots of questiosn hoping some other brides can answer before we reach out to companies. thanks!

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    I sent out an email to everyone letting them know the details. My limo company (Action Limo in Garwood, NJ) was actually very helpful in scheduling out the day.  I'll give you a run down of how we did it.

    At 1:30 PM the 42 passenger party bus arrived at the hotel to pick up the groom, groomsmen, bridesmaids, and parents of the groom.

    At 2:00PM the 10 passenger Chrysler limo picked up me and my parents.

    Our mass started at 3.  We left the church at 4:30ish.  H and I rode on the party bus with our bridal party.  Parents/Grandparents rode in the Chrysler limo.   We arrived at my venue at 5:30.  Limo's were done for the day.

    We had a shuttle service provided by our hotel for after the reception.  Most of the people in the limo were also staying at the hotel.  Idk if I spread word via email or by word of mouth but I let everyone know that after the limo drops us off at the venue the rest of the night was up to them.

    The 1 or 2 people that didn't stay at the hotel dropped their cars off at the venue the night before or the morning of the wedding.
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  • ^^^ ditto. This is what we are dointh as well. Our 18 Passenger Infinity QX5 limo through Santos Limo is picking my FI, bridesmaids and parents up at 11:30 to take them to the park for pictures. I am traveling there with my photographer so we can do our first look photo. From our photo location the limo is bringing all of us to the church for our 3:00 ceremony and Ketubah signing (we are having a joint ceremony in his Catholic Church) and then the limo will wait and bring us to our reception.

    Our hotel is also providing a shuttle to and from the reception and anyone traveling in the limo not staying at the hotel will have to get themselves home.
  • thank you that is very helpful. So we will look into 2 vehicles and then work on a shuttle for the hotel back for guests. problem is most of the party is split.
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