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No place for a rehearsal!

My Wedding is on a Saturday night with the ceremony/reception in the same location.  My venue has another wedding the afternoon of ours, so we cannot go to the venue early to rehearse.

We are not having a traditional rehearsal dinner since the venue is far from where most of the bridal party lives.  Anyone have any advice on how/where we can do a quick rehearsal?  I am having major anxiety that we're just going to end up showing up and no one is going to know what to do...

Re: No place for a rehearsal!

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    What do you mean by a non-traditional RD?

    Why not just have a quick run through at wherever you are having your RD?  Or have it in your backyard?

    Unless you are having a super complicated ceremony a rehearsal is not necessary.  Most people know how to walk in a straight line and stand in one spot for 15 minutes.

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    We decided not to do a rehearsal at all. The day of the wedding my girls were getting ready with me and I told them what order they were supposed to walk in and when they got to the front make a left and stand there. A few days before the wedding I called DH's best man and told him to wait up front with DH because we weren't going to have him walk down the aisle. It was super easy and it went fine without a rehearsal.

    DH and I did have to meet with the minister to run through the ceremony. He wanted to see the place so he knew where everything would be so we just met with him that week when it was convenient for everyone and went through it. DH and I were really the only ones doing anything during the ceremony so there wasn't any reason to have everyone there for that.
  • if you want to have a rehearsal it does not necessarily have to be at the venue.  As long as you and your FI know what is going to happen you can pass that along to your wedding party the day of.  Or still plan a "rehearsal dinner" the night before and just have a quick meeting about what to expect the next day, walk them through the ceremony, etc and then host a dinner afterwards.  Majority will know how a wedding processional works so will be easy to comprehend even without seeing the actual set up.  Tell them the order they are walking and where they will stand during the ceremony and how to exit.  That is all they need to know really.   

    If you don't want to meet the day before, you can either have the wedding party meet somewhere before getting ready (maybe host a brunch or something) and run through it somewhere or when you meet up with your bridal party just tell them.


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    You and your groom and your officiant need to meet to discuss the ceremony. The WP can manage with a one-minute discussion of who stands where. Can you work those two things in?
  • Thanks everyone, by non traditional I just meant were not doing the church walk-thru (bc we're not getting married in a church!) I think I'm overthinking the rehearsing walk-thru, I just want to make sure everyone knows what to do once we line them up. Thank you!!
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    You will be fine without having an official rehearsal.  I was in a wedding where the MOH got lost on the way to the ceremony site from the hotel.  She missed the entire run through.  The next day, she still was able to do everything "right."  My sister who was my MOH also missed my rehearsal since she had school that evening.  The next day, again, all went well.

    If you have your FI and his GM up front at the start of the processional, when the BMs get there, they will know to just stand opposite of where the GM are.  I think the only thing you might want to do is meet with your officiant to go over the actual ceremony script, but your BP doesn't need to be there for that.
  • This calmed me down :)  Thank you!
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  • I'm glad you are feeling calmer :)!  I'm just going to chime in with basically what the other PPs said.  I got married OOT.  My FI (now DH) met with our minister for like five minutes the day before to go over some of the wording we wanted.  No rehearsal at all.  Just let it fly and everything went fine.  Granted, I did have a small wedding party and basic ceremony.

    The only two people we were a little worried about were the FG and RB, because they were pretty young.  But, on the day of, my MOH (their mom and my sister) described for them what they were going to do and walked them back and forth a few times.

    Sorry, quick brag.  And, oh goodness, my niece/FG was just so darling.  She was 4 at the time and was really excited to be a FG.  And she took her job very seriously!  I could see on her face that she was concentrating on being very specific and intent on where and how many petals she was dropping.  Definitely gave me a little chuckle right before I began my walk to the altar.    

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  • I agree that most people can walk in a line and stand in one spot but even though we have a very small wedding party (MOH, BM, 1bridesmaid and FG) we're still doing a rehearsal. The wedding is outdoors and the FG (FIs daughter, 8) and bridesmaid (my niece, 13) have never been in a wedding before and I didn't want them to be nervous. I figured a walk-through was worth it. Really depends on the members of your wedding party I think.
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