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Call me a b*tch, but I need to vent.

So I just received a gift in the mail today... It's from cousins who I used to see once a year when I was a child, but over the past 15 years or so, I have only seen them every few years. That's besides the point. They gave us 2 very nice frying pans. Only thing is, we need a frying pan like a nail in the head, and there is NO gift receipt :( WHY FRYING PANS!?! I have a registry. In fact, I got the frying pan from my shower, that was on my registry. They could have known about my registry, if they had gone on our website, which was listed on the accommodations card, as well as the STD. Obviously, I'll send a thank you card, pretending to be thrilled about it. I am not a greedy or ungrateful person, I swear!!! Would anyone else be frustrated by this, or am I just a huge b*tch!? Should I sell them!?! I'd hate for them to go to waste... And we have very little space for anything in our little kitchen.

Re: Call me a b*tch, but I need to vent.

  • ah that sucks! we've gotten some weird random things too.... like a quilt (??) and an ice cream maker (????)! but ya you're right all you can really do is be nice, smile and thank them, then do your best to return whatever you can! otherwise keep them as backups i guess! or regift? good luck.....
  • I already know I'll be receiving about 3 different crock pots for the wedding. Heres to hoping for those gift receipts! 
  • Smile, send a thank you, and yard sale it! FI and I are going to have a yard sale in November to sell the things we upgraded, and to get rid of the random things we get.
  • Agree with everyone above!

    SImiliar story, except it's FI parents who went off the registry and bought a WHOLE PAN SET. Why you ask, because the one's we registered for are too expensive. Ok then choose something else, or nothing at all! We put high ticket items on there knowing full well no one was going to buy them, but they'd be nice Christmas gifts to each other with our completion discount!

    So, now we're stuck figuring out where they got them and trying to return them for store credit and if they ever ask what happened to them, it's all up to FI to come up with some ridiculous story!
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  • LOL. Ugh I feel ya. Last night my FH's best friend since like 1st grade told us his girlfriend can't get the day after our wedding off (our wedding is a sunday) which I can understand sorta. I mean most workplaces are pretty accomadating if you give them plenty of time in advance, which I am wondering if she recently asked. I also know she is on really good terms with her employer as she volunteers to work OT and things like that.  Also this is your boyfriends best friends wedding you couldnt explain that to them. And I get that you may not want to have to take the day off. Idk maybe im being a bridezilla. But he basically says to me I dont know if i can stay the whole time. If anything they would have to drive seperately (they don't even live together). Even my FH is a little upset. They have to drive seperately since his best friend is in the wedding party and has to be at our venue 2 hours prior for pictures - unless he rides with another groomsmen. Sorry for the rant lol


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    I hope nobody gets me anything off my registry!!  We marked it as hidden and just put expensive thing on it (Dyson Animal Vac, XBox One, Playstation 4 -- stuff like that).  Since we're doing a DW and our guests have to spend $$ to come to our wedding and take time off work, we really don't want anything else from them.

    My inner bridezilla is coming out with the clothing requests FI's BM is asking for:  suspenders & a bow tie. . . we already bought him several ties to choose from.  I just want a classic look - suits, vests, ties; I don't want anything trendy going on in the pictures.  FI hasn't stood up for anything either and I have a feeling he'll let his brother talk him into whatever his brother wants.  There's the part of me saying 'FI had no input on what you're wearing, let them do what they want' and then there's the other part saying 'You and FI are paying for the wedding with NO HELP, if FI's best man wants these things, he can do them at HIS wedding and leave ours alone!!' - but I need to get FI to grow a backbone on this one.  FI is just like 'oh it's just a little thing, don't worry about it' and I'm just like 'the pictures will live on FOREVER'.

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    Honestly, no one else's opinion should matter that much when it comes to this. It's you and your FI'S day!!!! It's one thing to tell all of your BM's to wear their hair in some ridiculous way, but this seems like a minor thing.
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    @Dignity100‌ , I think requesting a "regular" tie or no suspenders really isn't that big of a deal and would be 100% kosher for you two (or even you as the bride!) to do so. I get your feelings about wanting to be amicable and not push too much, but I don't think that what you're requesting is unreasonable!
  • I had someone purposely not use my registry, and they bought me a $100 Keurig machine. On my registry was a similar sort of coffee maker, but a different brand, and someone else at my shower had purchased it for me. Meaning I got two expensive and similar coffee machines at my shower, and I wound up opening the Keurig first, which came with no gift receipt. So now I have the coffee machine I wanted, and a Keurig with no gift receipt. The worst part is the person who got me the Keurig bragged about getting it for me right in the middle of the shower. You know, in front of the person who got me the other coffee machine. I get that no one needs to use a registry, but typically if something isn't on the registry, it means that you seriously don't need it. 
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