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Is it possible to have a Wedding in Miami for under $10K??

My fiancé and I are just beginning the planning process for our February 2015 wedding and I already want to pull my hair out. My parents have given me a strict budget of $10K and I don't even know if thats possible in this city. 

We are probably going to have about 125 people attending our nuptials

Does anyone have any venue suggestions?  I am all for the DIY and I know there are places I am going to have to sacrifice but I don't even know what place would hold us at a reasonable price. 

Thanks for any help!

Re: Is it possible to have a Wedding in Miami for under $10K??

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    I am having the same issue. I just got engaged 2 weeks ago and am starting to plan a wedding for 2015. I am planning on having around 150 guests for the reception. I have not found anything less than around 25-30k. The cheapest would be to do it on the beach and you only need a beach permit. The Miami Beach Botanical Garden also has great venue prices and has a lot of stuff included. Let me know if you come across other options :)
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    You can look into a venue like Comber Hall.  You just rent the space and bring in your own vendors.
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    Comber Hall has it's designated caterer that you have to use (A Joy Wallace), but for everything else, you can bring your own. There is also The Douglas Entrance and the Coral Gables Woman's Club that you can bring in your own vendors for everything. Good luck!
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    There are banquet hall type places that offer the the whole package, such as Reception Palace Ballrooms, La Jolla. I don't know exact prices, but I know those are more economical than hotels and the very pretty but expensive estates. Plus, they offer full packages, offering most if not all of the services you need for your wedding day. Another idea I got while looking around was parks! Do a google search on weddings at Greynolds Park in Miami and see what I'm talking about. Park rates I've seen around Miami are less than $300. I think you would have to call the park offices since a wedding would be a special event, at different hours than their usual kid birthday parties--but, apparently, it's done, just not quite advertised as all these expensive venues. Do consider that a park is just a white canvas though, you have you bring in absolutely everything. If you want to go the park route, look for options all around Miami, for example imagine a wedding at Crandon Park. Anyways, just throwing that idea. You do have to dig around since your wedding is fast approaching. I recently started planning my wedding for December 2015 and have already found venues and other service vendors with bookings this far out. I've quickly realized that Miami is a popular city for weddings, that everything with the term 'wedding' in it is expensive, and it takes patience. One more referral, if you decide to use a park or venue that doesn't offer other services, I have a friend that used Angelo's Buffet for catering and she told me it was the least expensive she found when researching. They do catering but also take care of many other services like rentals, decor, etc. Hopefully this helps! Good luck!!
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    As I'm sure you have discovered, this is a very expensive city to get married in. I would recommend going the park route or having a Sunday wedding.

    There are some nice parks in Broward (Tree Tops and Long Key Nature Center, both in Davie) but even those will run you about $2000 just for the venue. I know someone who got married at Matheson Hammock and had the reception at Red Fish Grill for about 10k and it was amazing, but it was a Sunday daytime wedding, 100 guests, very limited bar, and a lot of creativity/DIY from the bride.

    Also, you may find that most places are booked. I booked my venue for Feb. 2015 back in January and even then it was slim pickings with dates in the time frame I was interested in (Feb & March 2015)
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    Yes, I can empathize, as my fiance and I are in the same boat. The Miami Beach Botanical Garden is an option, as my fiance and I are considering it, as well, BUT they actually do not have a lot included for their price. There is no parking, and I have read on the reviews on the Knot that you must leave the gates open during your wedding. This could lead to random people popping in. Another reviewer wrote that they don't allow rehearsals there. There is also no bridal suite and they will charge $350 for use of a separate room to put the bridal parties' belongings, as well. The representative from the garden will be there for your wedding but only is there to ensure security of the garden. They will not help escort guests, etc., so the cost of getting a wedding planner will be an extra to be considered. All these things, coupled with the application fee, membership fee, garden attendant fee, janitorial fee, 7% sales tax and insurance, add up to $3850. So in the end, while it's still reasonable, it doesn't come with parking, any sort of other space for the bride, a rehearsal, or any real help on the day of. Bummer! I wish you good luck!
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    I would suggest renting a ballroom from the city. My fiancé and I were on the same boat but we were lucky to find that a lot of the cities have ballrooms you can rent for a reasonable price and some allow outside catering

    try Miramar cultural center you can bring your own catering or use theirs the only down side you have to use their bar if you want alcohol

    we booked the sunrise grand ballroom you have to use their catering but for the price I didn't mind at all I have a 15k budget for 150 guest

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