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Need advice on dealing with Future Father in Laws inappropriate comments

Future Father in Law and Mother in Law are divorced and divorced when Fiance was barely 1 years old. FFIL was never involved much in my fiances life when he was younger, but as he's gotten older FFIL almost views him as a buddy rather than his son. FFIL has never remarried and has no significant other currently. FFIL also lives out of state and rarely visits, although he works for an airline and flys for free. However, he came into town last weekend for Fiances bachelor party. The first thing FFIL says to my fiance is "boy you look like you've put on some weight". FFIL wanted to go out for drink so fiance and I went with him...the entire time he proceeds to check out all the girls that are my age (30's-he is 55) and tells me about what he likes about them (she has pretty hair, look at her legs, look at her!) and he told me all about why he can't date women his age, because they are never in good enough shape and he just isn't attracted to women his age. All these conversations are so awkward to me and I don't know what to say or if I should say anything? My fiance finds it awkward too but deals with by ignoring him. I am not sure if I need to say something the next time this happens or not? I am just afraid this is going to start getting old as time goes by and I am going to have to say something. What should I do?

Re: Need advice on dealing with Future Father in Laws inappropriate comments

  • Jells2dot0Jells2dot0 Cowtown mod
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    You have already shared your feelings with your FI about it. It's really up to him to talk to his dad to set boundaries.

    As far as the age difference on the girls he is looking at, I'm in my mid 30s and my DH is in his early 50s. So, yeah, people can have real relationships with an age difference. His comments may be inappropriate to you, but he is a single adult who can date or be with whomever he wants.

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