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October 2014 Weddings

Packing and To Do Lists - any to share?

billagirlybillagirly member
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Three weeks to go and the panic finally sets in. No, no, not panic about the actual getting married part. Not even panic about the wedding itself - it will all be fine whether it even goes smoothly or not. The panic is the realization that while I've been methodically checking off items from Theknot's wonderful list, it occurs to me now, with only three weeks to go - that the list is not even close to comprehensive. Making my own list, I realize there are so. many. things. I still need to figure out. What to pack for the wedding day (hot rollers, safety pins, my favorite energy drink, spot removal pen, clear nail polish). What to pack to take to the venue that morning (my dress, shoes, underwear, veil, headband. Deodorant. Favors and send-off bubbles. Flower girl ((our daughter))'s outfit. Groom's suit and groomsmen ties). Listing out what we still need to BUY in order to complete the packing lists (water shoes for honeymoon, travel sized toiletries, keys made for everyone caring for our daughter over honeymoon). Not to mention all the stuff I need to get together for leaving our kiddo behind while traveling. Do any of you have lists to share for wedding day necessities, things not to forget on honeymoon, and the best ways to pack the things needed for BOTH (makeup, deodorant, combs, toothbrushes, etc). THANK YOU!

Re: Packing and To Do Lists - any to share?

  • I'm a little under 3 weeks out now, and I agree with you!! I've been following theknot.com app/website and their comprehensive list! But I've been telling my MOH and fiancé that I feel like I'm forgetting something LOL

    Sheesh, I'm already scatter brained enough, I need help as well! HAHA

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  • I feel you exactly! I have not even been able to get excited I am so stressed. I feel like I have to be missing something. I remembered yesterday, 20 days away, that I don't even have undergarments for my dress! I feel so disorganized, I so wish we eloped!!! 

    Lets not even mention packing for the honeymoon, that we are leaving for the day after the wedding..... ugh so much pressure. I had a dream that I showed up to my wedding in shorts and a tshirt with my hair in a ponytail and no one could find my dress.... so ready for it to get here and the stress to be over, hopefully I remember all the important things... like underwear...
  • 20 days for me. Tmrw we are going to get our marriage license. Sunday we meet with our DJ. I do have quite a few things I need to get finished. We pretty much completed our seating chart this past weekend. What a mess though. My last fitting is Thursday. I need to find shoes for the rehearsal dinner though. Ugh I need to really sit down and make a check list...


  • Dignity100Dignity100 Northeastern Ohio member
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    Since we're doing a DW - my lists are kind of merged.

    For Wedding/Honeymoon:
    Chargers for phone/cameras -- you may even want to consider something like <<THIS>> if you wish to stay connected (I'm mostly worried about pictures and using my smartphone for it's camera).
    Emergency Sewing kit (with safety pins)
    Band aids / neosporin / stuff for blisters
    Shower Cap (since I cannot wash my hair on the day of my wedding until after all events are done)
    Pain killer meds
    Tummy meds  (pepto)
    hair pins / hair spray
    hand sanitizer
    Comfy shoes
    lip stick/gloss
    gum/breath mints
    stain removing cloths

    I've even ordered ponchos just in case (but my guest list is small <<THESE -- be careful you need to change the seller to somebody who will ship sooner>>)

  • bekt14bekt14 member
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    edited September 2014
    I agree, the knot checklist is missing a LOT of stuff. I've been adding a bunch of items to it. 

     Last week I made a Wal-Mart trip and bought a bunch of travel items. You know that section that has mini versions of shampoo, soap, deodorant, etc? I literally bought every single item on that entire section. I figured I could use all it for my day-of-emergency-kit or for honeymoon, or both. 

     Also realized I would need pens for guests to write in the guest book. I don't see small things like that on any check lists. I'm paranoid I'm forgetting other small items like that.
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  • Dignity100Dignity100 Northeastern Ohio member
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    I just saw I could put a hold on my mail while I'd be away (I thought I had to wait until I was closer).  Just thought I'd mention it for those who will also be having their mail held for the week(s)!

    I was lurking on another board - don't for get your cake cutter/server if you're having one (mine will be delivered with my cake).  Just saw a trend for this being a forgotten item.

  • Dignity100Dignity100 Northeastern Ohio member
    2500 Comments 500 Love Its First Anniversary First Answer
    Just thought of another thing:

    Don't forget to break in your wedding shoes!!!  Even if you plan on packing another pair.

  • @danielle3219 - undergarments?! Oh, lord. Well - If I don't get something suitable at my bachelorette party this weekend, I'm going to just wear whatever underwear I feel like putting on that morning. Seriously! And I can't wear a bra with my dress anyway, so.... yep. Huh. Wish you were around to mention that sooner! ;)
  • @Dignity - I don't even know HOW to properly break in shoes! Ugh, Google, here I come. Seriously, thank you everyone for these tips and reminders. I feel incredibly unprepared compared to how I felt two weeks ago, when everything else was "future Laura's problem"!
  • Forgot about breaking in the shoes! Thanks for the reminder!
    billagirly put your shoes on with socks underneath and walk around the house (do laundry or clean) for a few hours. The socks will help stretch them out a little bit so they aren't rubbing your skin and creating blisters. Also, if they are slippery, rub them on asphalt or a sidewalk to scratch up the bottoms a little bit. 
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  • Thanks @bekt14 ! Going to try that NOW!
  • Well crap - guess I'm not. The shoes are at my parent's house! 
  •  :( I hope that's nearby!
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  • I work for my dad, so if I'm not over there today I should at least be tomorrow or Friday. No big deal - just bummed I can't do it while I have the time right now! 
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