Struggling to find a wedding venue in Pittsburgh on a $20k wedding budget!!

My fiance and I are currently living in Arizona, but we are planning on having our wedding where I grew up in Pittsburgh, PA next year, since both of our families and friends primarily are around that area. 

I am having the hardest time finding a reception venue that is within our price range! Our budget for our whole wedding is $20,000, so I have allotted about $8000-$9000 of that to go toward the reception (we will probably have around 100 guests). Most places I have talked to want $20-30k just for the reception (after catering, rentals etc.)!! I have started considering having the wedding in the off season (November-March/April) to save money, but with the weather in Pittsburgh being unpredictable around those times, I would much rather have it in September as we had originally planned. 

I love the Pennsylvanian and some of Mansions around downtown, but of course they are way out of our price range. I have also looked into the Opera House because I have heard its pretty reasonable, but the industrial feel is not really my style. Can someone please please pleeeeease give me some suggestions of places that they have found to be more reasonable on a $20k budget?? I realize pictures don't always do a place justice, and it would make this whole process a lot easier if I could actually go and look at a place in person. Being that I am out west, I am going to have to rely on pictures and suggestions from other people for now until I am in Pittsburgh at Thanksgiving time. Thanks!!

Re: Struggling to find a wedding venue in Pittsburgh on a $20k wedding budget!!

  • I'm getting married in the fall of next year on a similar budget. We decided on Arista Catering who runs a brand new catering hall attached to a greek orthodox church in the North Hills, I know it sounds weird but it is beautiful. Joann our coordinator is amazing and their menu is huge, the same parent company owns Mediteranneo. There are some pictures online from their Greek Festival to give you an idea of the venue but they don't really do it justice. I've never taken any pictures in my visits there or else I would message them to you. You may also want to check out Sewickley Heights Country Club, very affordable and Megan the coordinator and their chef are amazing, they only reason we didn't go with them is we thought the room was a little small for 150 people.
  • My budget is $15,000 so I looked at a lot of places in your price range. Check out the Edgewood Club, Saint Nicholas Cathedral (attached to a greek orthodox church,) The Union Project, Holy Cross Banquet Hall, The Circuit Center, Soldiers and Sailors Hall and the hotels near the airport. I was planning to have my reception at Pittsburgh Opera but their event coordinator was very disorganized and unresponsive so I decided to look elsewhere.

  • I'm not sure how far out of the city you're willing to go but The Succop Nature Park (formerly The Succop Conservancy) is a gorgeous venue sitting on 50 acres.  Their Facebook page is .  I am a photographer and I do the majority of my weddings there.  You can check out some pictures of the recent weddings there on my Facebook page at or at - and, obviously, if you need a photographer, let me know!  Best of luck!
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  • Venues are so pricey! Based on some of the ones you mentioned, I have a feeling we have similar preferences for the aesthetics of a venue. Have you looked into the Pittsburgh Golf Club (located right by Schenley park)? It might be a little over the budget you identified (somewhere in the middle of the budget goal and those 20,000+ locations); however, my understanding is that the costs are pretty "all-inclusive" as long as you're okay with their basic package. It's $1,500 to rent the space and you are required to use their caterers ($120 per person, though much cheaper for kids, and a discount I believe for non-drinkers). This $120 fee covers all of the food (appetizers, sit-down meal with several courses, booze) AND the wedding cake which is made by their on-site pastry chef. Also I believe that included in the cost are the plates, linens, valet parking, food/drink service, and use of the venue throughout the daytime prior to the event for pretty getting-ready photos, etc. Of course there is the extra factor of taxes and tips, as there is with any place. The venue is absolutely gorgeous if you like a light and classic, vintage-y feel, so it requires minimal extra decor or lighting, etc. After a lot of research, this is the venue that we went with -- the wedding is next year so I can't report about the whole experience, but I do think that it's more reasonably priced compared to similar types of venues in the area.
  • Try Shakespeare's just outside of Cranberry. It is an actual castle. I have attended several events and enjoyed the food and atmosphere. I also just attended a wedding at a barn in Richland. It was gorgeous. The caterer was Erin's Fine Foods. PM me for more info.
  • I applaud you for planning a wedding from a distance.  I am very budget conscious as well.  I found the Teutonia Mannerchor on the northside of pgh to be the best fit.  It holds about 250 and has big loft area as well.  it's a bit older of a place as it was built in the 1850s but that adds to its character.  

    We have photos of the space and I can send them to you if you message me on here.  Tom the manager is a pain to get back to you via email but is helpful with figuring out the plan and staying within the budget.  Lucky for us, we are doing an Oktoberfest theme so the food is about $25 a plate and they are a social club so the drink prices are a bit cheaper then elsewhere too.  It's $21/pp for a 3 hr open bar.  We are going to have a consumption bar and when it's gone, it's gone.  Both of our families are big drinkers so we know what we're getting in to.  

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