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NWR - Odd question for you ladies

Last month I was hospitalized after an accident and then sent to a rehabilitation hospital on the Cape for two weeks.  My hospital record did say that I am Catholic.

On the last Sunday I was there, a woman (lay minister?) came into my room to offer communion.  As I had half a mouth full of gum, I declined for the day.

She then mumbled something about a blessing and then put her hand on my head and started saying a blessing as a priest would.  She was NOT a priest so this really weirded me out.

As I have never run into something like this before, I'm not really sure if she was right to do this  (total stranger)


Re: NWR - Odd question for you ladies

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    Eucharistic ministers to the sick are often assigned to hospitals. A full-on visit could actually encompass a Word and Communion service, depending on the patient's alertness and stamina. To offer communion and a prayer is standard. You declined Communion, though you would have been okay to receive, given the circumstances. You weren't attending a regularly scheduled service (so you might observe the customary hour-long fast). In my line of work, we talk about "battlefield" circumstances. You take the gift of the moment. You express gratitude for the gift and pardon for whatever way you were unprepared. We bless one another all the time. If you took the opportunity to check the book she most likely had with her, you would have read the Parker/blessing. Good to hear that you are home once again.
  • Not uncommon. I've been blessed by a Eucharistic minister before after having a meeting in her office.
  • Thank you for your replies and I'm glad to know this is acceptable.

    Still, I would prefer to stick with priests blessings.  yeah, I'm old ;)

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    I hope you're feeling better! I am an EMHC and we have been specifically trained not to give a blessing that could seem like it is a blessing from a clergy.
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