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Help! Looking for a woodland wedding location…and a wedding planner… in Seattle area!

Hi all!

I'm looking for any help with venues and/or wedding planners anyone could throw my way. I would be so, SO appreciative!

I'm looking for a Woodland-esque wedding location in the Seattle area. I live in Calif. & have been hunting online relentlessly since Dec.   I've looked into too many places to count & I'm striking out.   Here is what we are looking for if anyone can help!

-Outdoors for both ceremony + reception, ideally in the same place. Indoor back-ups are great but not a deal breaker. We're leaning towards tenting if it rains.

-In or near a wooded area. We love the trees! It doesn't necessarily matter what kind of tree they are- gardens are nice, too but hoping to have trees in or very near our scenery

-Where we can get boozy (allows liquor!) and dance under the stars

-Can stay past 11pm! We really don't want to end the party that early- we're looking for a late night shindig.

-And can hold 130-200 people

It's proving to be a tall order to get all of those in one location.  I am wondering if there are any private properties that we can possibly rent out or somewhere not on the regular lists?    Or maybe somewhere I just need to see in person. I'm open to any ideas!

These are a few places I've checked out in person that came close:
-Jardin del Sol: Beautiful, a few eyesores with the neighboring houses, but the real deal breaker was that they have a hard out at 10pm.
-Bella Luna Farms: Beautiful location but it was also THE most expensive location I've come across…anywhere. For reals.
-Wayfarer Farm: Looks gorgeous but they hold a strict capacity of 104 so it won't work for us.
-DeLille: Lovely grounds but they only allow music & dancing inside. And in a tiny room.. 
*And if anyone is interested in any of the above places and wants to hear more, just let me know- happy to share any info I have!

I'm also looking for an awesome wedding planner in the Seattle are who can help make our wedding    ...happen! 

I'd love any of your thoughts, recommends, suggestions!!

Thank you!!!!



  • My DD used Emily Murphy at Manette Gracie Weddings http://www.manettegracie.com/ and was very pleased with her.

    It'll be tough to find someplace to meet your requirements; I'm sure Emily can help you with that.








  • Look at the Kitsap Memorial State Park! There's a hall the you can rent out. The Log Hall. It's not in Seattle though.. it's across the water in Poulsbo. BUT it's BEAUTIFUL! Look at pictures on other peoples weddings there and you'll be amazed. I looked into it, and it seems like it'd be a pain and I don't know all the details, but it's really pretty and in the woods!
  • If you're willing to wander into the snohomish area, I have the perfect wedding planner for you, and she'll have some pretty perfect venues for you that are in that area. Our wedding planner is Sarah from eventFUL moments llc and she's amazing. You'd be hard pressed to find something like what you're looking for in Seattle, but in Everett-snohomish are you'll find more options that are also WAY less expensive.
  • Thank you for the suggestions, ladies!

    I ended up finding our venue- not at all what I was originally looking for but equally happy with the decision :)
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