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Maldives resorts

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Hey ladies! We finally decided on our location, but now we have to make another tough choice. 

 We talked to a travel agent and these are the two resorts we have worked out packages for. I'm leaning toward the first one. FI is leaning towards the second. We thought we would ask for other opinions...if any of you have stayed in these resorts, I would love your feedback! 

I also looked on trip advisor and they both have a lot of great reviews. The first one offers more "honeymoon" things in the package (dinner, flowers, cake, wine, etc) but the second one is about $500 cheaper for the week.
LUX* Maldives 
Anantara Veli

 If you have any other recommendations we are open to those as well!


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Re: Maldives resorts

  • I have looked into the Maldives extensively for my own trips, but it never worked out for us because of the length of travel required ( aka not enough vacation time!) and not being able to legally wed there :) that being said, I've been on these boards for awhile and haven't seen many Maldives honeymoons. It's just so hard to get there from the US, where most of the posters are from.

    I personally have not considered the resorts you have chosen, and not sure of what agents you have worked with, but if you are not happy with the agent's advice, check out Linara Travel or Tahiti Legends.


  • @Jells2dot0 thanks for your reponse!

    I'm not unhappy with her advice, but she specializes in honeymoons and hasn't had any experience with the Maldives. I'm worried she can't give accurate recommendations because she's probably just reading tripadvisor like I am.

    Is it rude to go to another travel agency after working with my current one? I was always under that impression. I haven't signed anything or paid for anything though.

  • How much work has she done for you? I usually try to contact 2-3 agents upfront before getting a ton of quotes, find which one "gets me" and what I'm looking for, choose one, and then have that one person do the quotes. As travel agents do not get paid until after a client has traveled (they get paid by the resorts), it is considered somewhat rude to have an agent do a ton of work for you and then walk away. However, if the agent cannot give you any solid direction and is not familiar with the destination, then it may end up hurting you in the long run. I usually book with a destination specialist (rather than honeymoon specialist or all inclusive specialist) to ensure the agent knows the destination inside and out and can give advice and recommendations based on training and personal experience. I have no doubt that US based honeymoon specialists are very well trained in the Caribbean and Mexico regions, but not so much on the more exotic destinations like Tahiti, Fiji, Maldives, or the Seychelles. So, that is why I'd recommend a specific destination specialist in this case. 


  • Right. That makes sense.

    I gave her my budget/information. She offered me a quote for airfare and on one resort listed above. I asked if she had any other options and she came back with the second. I wouldn't say she's done extensive research, but we have sent a few emails back and forth. I looked at what you had suggested and I think I'll contact Tahiti Legends for a quote as well.

    I was really happy with our destination choice but I didn't feel confident enough to book either of the resorts I mentioned, I really appreciate your help :)
  • FI and I were originally planning to have our honeymoon in the Maldives but the plans fell through for a variety of reasons (travel time, the cost, how dangerous it apparently would be when we were planning to go - hurricane season). I'd still really love to go but we can't afford it for the honeymoon, the Caribbean is much cheaper. I can give you the little bit of research we did on some of the resorts before we dropped the idea if you want but I don't know if it'd be much help.

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  • I hope you can find something that works for you! I absolutely would have gone there for my DW/HM had we been legally able to marry there. I'm now saving up my vacation time again to head there for an anniversary :)


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