Cookie Cake Favors - where to put them?

Hey knotties,

We're doing cookie cake favors - getting a few different cookie sheet cakes, cutting them up and putting a few slices in little bags for each guest. Do you think we should leave the little bags on the table settings, or should we put them on a separate table for them to pick up on their way out?

Part of me thinks it might be nice to have something sweet to snack on before dinner, and the bags would add to the look of the table - but for those that would prefer to wait until after dinner to eat dessert, I wonder if it would be an inconvenience having those bags there. What do you all think?

Re: Cookie Cake Favors - where to put them?

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    It's not going to inconvenience anyone having the bags on the table if you like the way it looks. We put our favors on the cake table. If the plates had been on the tables, we would have put them on there because I like the way that looks.
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  • I prefer them on the table. This way there is one for each person. You don't have to worry about one person taking multiples off of the favor table. I was at a wedding were my favor was stolen from my seat. Since I knew it had been at my place I knew another guest had taken it. If I had walked up to a favor table at the end of the wedding and there wasn't one left for me I might have assumed that the bride and groom hadn't provided enough favors for everyone.
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  • On the table, so people will see them and remember to take them
  • On the table for sure!!!
  • At their place settings. 1) it eliminates the need for another auxiliary table and 2) no one can miss them

  • Another vote for on the table, it's harder for people to take more then they are suppose to have then. I went to a wedding once where I didn't get anything because they were put on the table and several older guests had helped themselves to 6+ favors each and because I waited until towards the end of the night (I was busy dancing and talking to other guests) by time I made it to the favor table, there were none.
  • I know I'm a little late coming to this, but I also agree on the table. However, if you don't have escort cards letting people know where to sit, maybe you could make a cute little tag & attach them to the bags? That way each guest has their favor labeled, they know where to sit, & it cuts down the risk of having it taken off their plate like a PP stated.
  • @Jamiea291 We got married last month!! =) We ended up doing a dessert table, and having tulle covering the table until desserts were served. I liked the idea of the cookie being attached to the table cards, but there wasn't enough time for it. Maybe for a friend's wedding in the future?

  • @thesummersky I'm glad everything worked out well. It looks great!
  • Is there a local baker that could just do pretty cookies for you?  That would be a lot more aesthetically appealing than a hacked up cookie cake where the slices in the bags are different sizes or crumbing.  Also, I don't tend to like to eat things that have obviously been handled (ie: jordan almonds or candies counted into little mesh bags, etc.)  A professional shop could package the individual cookies professionally--sealed in plastic packets.
  • @thesummersky‌ Congratulations! It looks great. :)

    I'm also going to close this to prevent a ton of people from responding.

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  • Put it at their plate, then they are guaranteed to get it. If you put it on a table for guests to grab on their way, some guests will grab more then they are suppose to so then others will get nothing.
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