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pure bridal~ Ames

Anyone go here?? I didn't have the best experience with them but maybe it was a odd night anyone else been there? What did you think

Re: pure bridal~ Ames

  • I had a great experience there and bought my dress there last fall. 
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  • Update: Wasn't a fan of this place at all. I did get my dress there but kind of wish I hadn't. If you'd like to know more pm me. Otherwise I wont put it out there as I know some have had great services with them.
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    I had a great experience there and bought my dress from them. 

    But I cannot understand this thought process of "I didn't get the best service, wasn't a fan, felt weird but still bought a dress." Why give business to a place that didn't make you completely at ease? They're in charge of one of the BIGGEST components to your day. (That's not a rant really towards you, I have another friend with an identical viewpoint and I just don't get it.)

  • Easy because I loved the dress :)  A lot of the issues didn't happen or weren't as big until they had my money. But I understand what you mean and I've asked myself the same question over and over again.
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