DESPERATE for a venue thats SUPER affordable!

My fiance is from the Philadelphia area (we went to school there) and we want to get married there as that is where we will be living when we're married.  Our guest list will be capped at 150.   I've got quotes from Riverdale Manor, Peddler's Village, Reading Art Works, Elmwood Park Zoo, the chester Historical Society, and the Coleman Chapel.   We're very open to venues that are a bit of a drive but would like to avoid NJ.   I'm wondering if anyone knows of any venues that are better priced than the ones I listed.  Bonus if you can hold the ceremony there too!

Re: DESPERATE for a venue thats SUPER affordable!

  • I'm having my wedding at the IATSE Ballroom in South Philly. The location is admittedly not the best but the room is awesome! It's super affordable compared to other places in the city and they go out of their way to assist in making everything right. We are holding our ceremony there as well. The food is amazing!

    You really have to see it in person to appreciate it but here is the website:

    Good Luck!
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  • I don't know what those places cost, but Mermaid Lake in Blue Bell has a really pretty rustic "barn" and they rent the Paddock Room for weddings and events.  I think it's under $300.00.  Food is pretty inexpensive and you bring in your own liquor.  We've had company events there.
  • Look at hotels in the area ... Philadelphia Hilton on City Line Avenue or the Philadelphia Marriott West in Conshohocken.  There are also a lot of great venues in the King of Prussia area.
  • Northampton Valley Country Club in Richboro, PA is very affordable. Check out their site at 
  • I'm having my reception at The Emerald Room in north east Philadelphia. It is super affordable and all inclusive
  • We're having our 150 (god plus at this point, I'm terrible at guest lists!!) ceremony/reception at the American Swedish Historical Museum in South Philly.  It's a really unique and flexible venue which is kind of just starting out as a more premiere space for the area.  They've done small weddings for years, but only recently came under the purview of Jeffrey Miller Catering who have been working with our budget really well.  Between the low venue fee, their flexibility, and the fact that it comes with a wedding planner, it's been a godsend.  I'm not sure how we would be able to plan the wedding of our dreams anywhere else for this price.  We're having the ceremony on the grand staircase indoors, then a cocktail reception in the museum, and the dinner/dancing (hopefully) outdoors.  They're revamping a lot of the site, and the changes they've made to date are beautiful.  They're also adding a tent to ensure we can preserve the outdoor element.  My fiance and I highly recommend it!
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