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Wording about Shuttles on Additional Info Insert

Hi all - I'm working on my additional info insert for my wedding invitations (we'll have the invitation, response card, and reception card as well). 

I'm trying to figure out how best to word the transportation piece.  We'll have shuttles from the hotel to the ceremony, ceremony to the reception, hotel to the reception (for the guests who can't make the ceremony) and then back to the hotel every half of hour or so towards the end of the night. Is it enough to write that transportation will be provided to and from the hotel and to go the website for all of the details? On our website we have a page of all of the shuttle times and will include a hard copy of it in the welcome bags for OOT guests. 


Hotel Name

Hotel Address and Phone Number

A block of rooms has been reserved at a discounted rate. Kindly reserve your room by the twentieth of February and reference the bride/groom wedding when making your reservations. Transportation will be provided to and from the hotel.

For transportation times, directions, and more, please visit

Re: Wording about Shuttles on Additional Info Insert

  • You could direct them to the website, but I'd try to provide this in the insert for anyone who might not have internet or bother to look at your website. It is an info insert after all. However, I'd still list your website URL as an FYI and have this and any other info there as well. 

    I'd probably set it up like this:

    A shuttle will be provided for your convenience. Please look for a white bus with "ctr24 & FI" in the front window.

    From Hotel XYZ's to the Ceremony: 4:15pm (pick up at main lobby)
    From the Ceremony to Reception: The shuttle will make trips to transport guests to [Reception Venue]
    From the Reception to Hotel XYZ: The shuttle will run every 30 minutes for the duration of the reception. The last shuttle will leave the Reception at 11:15pm.

  • I like the way you have it worded! Very few people do not have access to the internet and if that's the case, they can call you. You could also include a schedule with the check-in desk at the hotel. However- do you really think its necessary to run the shuttle so often? (are THAT many guests not attending the ceremony?!) I would only run it to the ceremony, from ceremony to the reception, and then home from the reception at the end of the night.
  • Thanks. Hopefully everyone coming to the reception can make the ceremony, but the hotel has offered to throw in an additional shuttle from the hotel to the reception for booking a certain number of rooms. 
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