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Seating Arrangements- help!

I'm kind of stuck with my seating arrangements. We don't want to do a sweetheart table or even a "head" table as we want our wedding party to be able to sit with their SO's/family/friends. However, I'm stuck whether we should sit with our family or part of our wedding party. The issue is my family is complicated with stepparents, 3 half siblings so there is no way for us to sit at a table with just our families. Either way, my dad and stepmom will need to be at another table with their kids and some other family. Is it bad of me to sit with just part of our wedding party (it would be our MOH and BM who are married and my other bridesmaid that is not my sister (the other two are my half sisters) and her date and his second groomsmen and his wife (who is a really good friend of mine). I just feel kind of bad for his other 2 groomsmen- like they aren't important enough to sit with us or something.
I'm probably reading waaaaay to much into this, but I'd love to hear everyone's opinions of what they think and how they are doing their seating arrangements.

Re: Seating Arrangements- help!

  • You could put yourselves at a regular round table with the WP and their SOs.  That would let them be with their dates and let you two not be alone. 
  • Problem is, with my 2 bridesmaids (that aren't my sisters) and his 3 groomsmen, it would be a total of 12 people at the table... most we can have is 10...but really should only be 8.
  • SJR1983 said:
    Problem is, with my 2 bridesmaids (that aren't my sisters) and his 3 groomsmen, it would be a total of 12 people at the table... most we can have is 10...but really should only be 8.

    What I did is me and FH are at our own head table. Then I split bridal party into 2 tables. One table will have  full 10 which is bridal party plus SO's and two of my FH's good friends.  We were told try to only have 8 but it works out perfectly since all friends know each other really well. The second table is the other half. I believe I have 8 there. Mixture of bridal party and SO's/friends. I think this way makes it easier on everyone.


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    Hmm - could you guys eat really fast away from everybody and then make rounds while everybody is eating?  Even though you don't want a sweetheart table - what about just a small round/square table for 2 (like at a restaurant) tucked away somewhere.  The only other thing I could think of would be immediate parents with you guys at a table.

    As far as our seating arrangements - there are only 10 of us, so I'm hoping to be sat at the same table.  If they have to split us, we'll figure it out then!

  • I just did the sweetheart table. So hate being on display. Ugh!
  • Yeah, we aren't planning on sitting for long, just enough to eat... but I just hate feeling like anyone is being left out. And... still waiting on 4-5 RSVP's (deadline was 10/1) so I have a feeling I'll be switching it up quite a bit in the next few days!
  • mocarski002 we did exactly the same thing that you said and i think it will work perfectly
  • The easiest solution is the sweetheart table. I don't like calling it the sweetheart table but for lack of a better term, that is what we chose so we didn't have to decide who we were going to sit with. 
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    I wouldn't worry about anyone feeling not important enough. I have a complicated situation as well, with 3 sets of parents, and step and half siblings! We are doing a sweetheart table, and at first I was going to try to get all of the wedding party members at 2 tables, but it actually didn't make sense that way. So they are sort of all spread out now. I think what's most important is that they are with their closest friends and family, even if that means they aren't all together as a wedding party. I think That will make for the best time for them!!
  • We didn't do formal seating arrangements, but had a "plan" for the WP and our parents. Our "head table" was for 12 people (H, me, our 2 kids, WP and their spouse/children), and then a reserved table for our parents. The only people that sat at our big table was me, MOH, BM and 2 kids. Our reception was pretty relaxed and didn't have a formal sit down meal though, so everyone was milling about while eating. In your situation, I'd probably do a "sweetheart table" and seat the WP with their SOs
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    We are also doing a Sweetheart table. Doing my seating plan was a nightmare because of all the intricate family "politics" Cousin L and Cousin J don't like their brother's (Cousin E) gf T and Uncle R and his wife Aunt D don't talk to Uncle R's parents (uncle R is my grandfather's brother) and none of the other siblings but my grandfather are coming so Great Grandparents are sitting at the table with my grandparents, mom and sister.. and Sister isn't happy about it because well..Great grandma isn't very nice.... 
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