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Nevada-Las Vegas

Vegas Vow Renewal

Hey ladies my husband and I are in the beginning planning phases of a Vegas vow renewal. We are military and reside in TX. Got married 2004 and went to the courthouse to get married. We now want to renew our vows and get the wedding day feeling with our close friends and family in Vegas. So far we are leaning to an in suite ceremony at the MGM followed by a reception dinner at one of their AWESOME restaurants. I needs some input on a few thing. Never been to Las Vegas, but would love to take pictures in my dress with DH on the strip and the neon boneyard, but don't know how to work that into the day. Also tell me your feeling on in suite ceremonies. Thanks

Re: Vegas Vow Renewal

  • Vegas is such a fun way to have a wedding or vow renewal! I've heard great things about the pictures you can get at the Neon Boneyard, but also that it is costly. I think I read $400/hour. But there are SO many colorful, fun places to get pictures on the entire Strip! Fremont Street for sure, Bellagio Fountains, the LOVE sign at the Mirage, just to name a few. I've been collecting places for pictures opportunities myself, since we're less than 2 weeks out from getting married in Vegas. I don't have any input for an in suite ceremony, but I'm having an in suite reception at Mandalay Bay! One great place to check out is www.littlevegaswedding.com, tons of pictures and ideas for pictures/suites/everything! Good luck and most importantly, have fun!

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    Hi there!

    We're doing a Vegas vow renewal as well. We'll be alone but when we were initially planning for a few guests, an in suite ceremony at the MGM was on the list of possibilities. It is a great option! (In the end, we chose the Cosmo because we didn't need that much space.) In choosing Vegas, I quickly discovered how popular in suite ceremonies and/or receptions are and for good reason. It's a great way to have a private event and there are so many gorgeous hotel options.

    Since it will be your first time in Vegas and you're interested in pics on the strip I definitely think you should look into a strip photo tour! Exceed and Glitter Lens are two that I know offhand (we booked Glitter Lens) but it's a common option so you can shop around.

    The Neon Boneyard sounds amazing. I have not seen a photo shoot there that I didn't adore.

  • Congrats on your ten year, and thank you for your service!

    The good thing about Vegas is you will not be out of place walking around in a wedding dress to get pics; people do it all the time, everywhere up and down the strip.  The bad thing is it will get dirty pretty quickly if it's floor length or longer.

    Regarding the bone yard, my wife and I did first anniversary photos there and loved it.  However, at that point in time the new building had not opened and they were reasonable on the price; I think it was $200 for one hour at 5pm, maximum of her and I and two photographers.  Like khristiana mentioned, the price has gone up, it is at least $400 and possibly even more, especially if you want to do pics around sunset when photographers prefer.  They're very pricey and restrictive on what you can do.  While I loved the photos we got there, I'm not sure if I'd consider it worth it at the higher prices since there aren't *that* many cool signs to take pics in front of that you can't also take pics of in and around Fremont St.

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  • Thanks to you all for all your info, I will keep all of you suggestions in mind. Good thing I am an extra early planner( thanks to the Army). Keep me posted on anything that you hear.
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