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Cover for Army DS?

My fiance is an NCO in the Army Reserves and is currently mobilized and serving as a Drill Sergeant for a year in another state. His mobilization will have ended by the time we get married next August, but he'll still be in his DS mos. I really want him to wear his ASUs for the ceremony, but he's not crazy about the idea. We came to the agreement that he and his groomsmen would wear them for the ceremony and then could change into tuxes for the reception if they decide they want to do that closer to the date. It's an August wedding in FL, so they're mostly just worried about the heat. The other day he brought up the issue of his DS cover though. He says the DS "brown round" is his authorized cover right now so he doesn't know if he can wear his cap or beret instead... And he is not the type to try to actually find out and has pretty much left it to me to find out if I really care about the cover, which I kind of do. I'm incredibly proud of him being a DS, but I'm really not crazy about wedding pictures with the brown round, it just gives off such a gruff, hardcore vibe. Does anyone know where I can find the specific rules on authorized cover, or have any ideas? If it truly is the only cover he'll be authorized at that time, then I'll deal with it, but if there is another option, I'd like to know. I don't even want to broach the "can cover come off for pictures" subject as he is incredibly strict about uniform regulation, and I am in complete agreement with him on that one. 

Re: Cover for Army DS?

  • I can't really form a great reply because it annoys me that you're forcing your fiancé to wear something he doesn't want to wear. What if he made demands about your dress?

    Either way, look in 670-1.
    I hate Dave Ramsey
  • Gee, no wonder people always talk about how welcoming military wives are... not. Not that I have to explain myself or him, but his reason for not really wanting to wear them was that they're uncomfortable (until he recently had to wear a tux and realized that they are just as uncomfortable) and because some of his groomsmen aren't military and he thought it wouldn't be acceptable for himself and some groomsmen to wear ASUs while other were in tuxes. We actually found that question addressed elsewhere on this website along with pictures and now that he knows it's acceptable and that changing into a tux afterwards is frequently done as well, he was fine with it up to the wearing of the brown round. And I don't "demand" anything of him. One of the reasons we're getting married besides being crazily in love is, shockingly enough, that we actually are mature and rational adults who work incredibly well together and are capable of communicating what is important to us and compromising. I'm very proud of him for his service and make sure he knows it, and it makes him happy and feel good about it that I feel that way and support him, especially when his ex-wife didn't. Our relationship would not be healthy or work if either of us made uncompromising demands of each other. If he has ideas about the dress that he wants to share with me, I'll gladly listen because I know if he does, it's for a reason he feels strongly about, and I greatly appreciate that. I've looked at designs with him and basic dress styles and we've talked about what would look good and if there are things he or I definitely would not like. We decided as a couple that we would like to go the traditional route where he won't see the actual dress until the wedding, and we're both happy with our mutual decisions. As for DA PAM 670-1, thank you for the reference. I was able to find the answer there and he and I both appreciate the direction. I'll pretend that instead of jumping to conclusions about our relationship, you were simply helpful and well-wishing and thank you for it. And if I have any other questions, I'll be sure to go elsewhere so as not to trouble you.
  • Oh, honey, Stan is a service member, not a dependent.
  • My mistake, thank you for correcting me, honestly. Even if you did manage to do it in a passive-aggressive, condescending manner since there was really no way for me to know that, I do appreciate the correction.
    Stan - I apologize for my misstep in assuming you were a dependent, that was foolish on my part and I hope you will accept my apology and my sincerest thanks for your service.
  • "I really want him to wear his ASUs for the ceremony, but he's not crazy about the idea. "

    Look dude, I don't like to be in my ASUs any longer than I have to. They're not comfortable. I think it's uncool when a fiancee wants a certain look despite what her fiance wants. And for the record, since you insulted me (and I wasn't even that mean to you, like at all) and then thanked me for my service that you should do the same to Sammy. She's a service member too. Hey Sammy, ya passive aggressive B word, thanks for yer service! 
    I hate Dave Ramsey
  • Sorry, as a Veteran, those statements annoy me, too. It's also a bit off putting that you're complaining about what his authorized head gear is because you don't like the way it looks. You say you are proud of him being a DS, but then you insult his hat. That is an honor to wear and is earned through a heck of a lot of hard work.
    You are chiding Stan but you were insulting and offensive in your OP.

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