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Last minute Hairstylist change - what should I do?

So I am getting married one week from today and yesterday I got a call from the owner of the hair and makeup company that I'm working with saying that she is "no longer working with" the hair stylist that did my trial.  I had my trial back in May because I'm getting married in Hawaii and we were on a planning trip and visiting my family.  She said she will give me another free trial but the only time the new stylist is available is the night before my wedding and an hour before my welcome/rehearsal dinner. 

I have short hair so my style is not going to be that complicated, but basically I don't want to have the same hairstyle at the welcome dinner as on my wedding day!  What should I do - 1. have my hair already washed and styled normally, then just ask her not to spray my hair or really "do" it up? or 2. Just plan on quickly washing out and re-styling my hair before the dinner? 

Maybe I should just meet with her for more of a discussion before my actual wedding day? Or just screw the trial all together and hope for the best? I keep saying that I just want to be calm and relaxed on my wedding day.  I was definitely not expecting this last minute change!

Re: Last minute Hairstylist change - what should I do?

  • If this was me I would meet with the stylist the day before, chat with her on what you want so she'll have an idea.  Let her play with your hair but not really "do it" so you can have it however you want for the dinner. But this way things are hashed out before the wedding so you're not stressed out the day of.  I would also bring lots of pictures of what the style was back in May, as well as some ideas and reference points for her to go off of and you can discuss. :-) best of luck and don't sweat it. It'll look beautiful! 
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    I'd still recommend going in and meeting with the new person. Maybe have her lightly style your hair so you can easily restyle it afterwards? The same thing happened to me and I had to go in for a retrial and ended up going with a completely different style from my initial hair trial.

  • At the minimum meet to discuss what you want.  Do the "lightly" styled option like @LaPeanut1018 said if you want to have some sort of visual/better idea, but something you can easily transition into your rehearsal dinner style for the evening.
  • Same thing happened to me @itsmestacey123‌. Last week my long time hair dresser, who volunteered to come to another state and do my hair the day of the wedding can no longer do it due to issues with her husband. I'm getting married this Saturday. It's a simple style. I just texted pics of my vision and my hair trial to one of my bridesmaids. Thank goodness she is a calm person. She said we'd make it work. With so many hiccups with the wedding, I'm just rolling with it and not stressing about it. You will look beautiful on your day!
  • Thank you everyone!  I just found out (via Facebook stalking) that the hairstylist switch was in early August and I just found out now - a week before the wedding!  Crazy.  I'm trying not to worry about it - it's just more annoying at this point that I have to start over with someone new.
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