Reviews on Toronto Caterers??!

I am newly engaged! My fiancé and I are trying to work through sticker shock as we go over every aspect of how much this is going to cost us.

We are likely going with St. Lawrence Hall for our venue which means we bring in our own outside catering, alcohol, and linens.

Does anyone have any caterers they'd recommend - and moreover, any to stay far far away from? We'd like to stay in between $40-$70pp.

Any help would be wildly appreciated!

Re: Reviews on Toronto Caterers??!

  • Congrats, @EstherLovesNY!

    The sticker shock is definitely the biggest part of planning a TO wedding. I have yet to find a discount on anything!

    Blog TO has a "Best Catering Companies" post and the 100+ comments give people's feedback and suggestions for other places not mentioned in the article. I found it very helpful. As well, there are some caterer reviews on Wedding Wire. Does your venue have suggestions? Do take every in-house vendor suggestions with a grain of salt, but they can occasionally be helpful.
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