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10 days to go!!!

OK so 10 days left to go!! WooHoo!!!!! My cake decorator called me last friday and told me she could no longer make our cake for us!!!! WTF!!!! Not sure what the deal is with that as she couldn't give me a straight answer but we are working on getting that SNAFU straightened out!! I still don't have party favors! We still don't know where we are staying the night before the wedding or the night of or how we are getting there/leaving there!!! Boys still don't have there jeans or shoes picked out!!!! Yup not freaking out or anything!!!

Re: 10 days to go!!!

  • Thats just awful about the baker no longer being able to do your cake. I really hope you get any refund or any deposit back that you previously made. I dont know where you live, but some grocery store make wedding cakes, and I believe will accommodate your date. My brother and his wife got their cake from Walmart, and it still came out delicious. Michaels sells small favor baggies, that you can fill up with anything. That also could be a good option with the wedding so close. Hope everything works out. I have 11 days! Cant believe its almost here!
  • oh yikes! i have 10 days too!! flower girl and ring bearer still don't have outfits, but that's about it.... and honestly at this point as long as my dress is the way i want it and my groom tears up a little bit, i'm set! 

    just breathe :) control what you can and delegate!!
  • 10 days myself too!

    I don't have a ton to do thankfully.

    Now I am just trying to get my skin in nice condition - it's awful right now.
    I also need to make sure I have everything organized, put some last minute money away just in case, make a list of everything that needs to go to the venue, wrap gifts for wedding party, get a speech list made up and then I will be done.

    I've been being lazy the past couple days and I have to make sure the house is spotless (it's Thanksgiving in Canada this weekend). So that's great LOL.

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  • @weeniedogs‌ we actually are going to go through QFC now haha its going to cost us like 20 bucks!
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