Churches in Pittsburgh: Non-member ceremonies

Hey brides!

Having my wedding in October of 2015 and trying to secure a church. I'm Catholic and my fiancé is Christian - hoping for Heinz Chapel, but won't know until Oct. 1 so we want to have a backup plan as well!

Anyone recommend Catholic or Non-denominational churches in Pittsburgh that will marry non-members? We have about 280 guests so that have to have a large capacity as well :)

Thanks and happy planning!

Re: Churches in Pittsburgh: Non-member ceremonies

  • St. Paul Cathedral in Oakland (right down the street from Heinz) allows for weddings of non-members, but you have to bring in your own priest. If you don't know/can't find one, I think they will probably be able to work with you, though. The fee is $1000 for non-members.
  • I live out of state and called a few Catholic churches to host my wedding.

    St. Peter (North Shore) and St. Mary on the Mount will allow you to get married there but both require you to bring your own priest, though.  Check St. Mary on the Mount's website too...they have some strict booking requirements, I believe.

    Epiphany Church - beautiful church near the Consol Energy Center (weddings are held at 2pm or 4pm).  This was my first choice but the 4pm time slot was already booked.

    St. Benedict the Moor - I called and they will host non-parishioner weddings but I never visited this church.

    We decided on St. Maria Goretti in Bloomfield, since we wanted a later ceremony.

    Hope this helps...I believe all of these parishes were ~$1250 for non-parishoners. 
  • St Raphael in morning side does them for 250! I am not sure if you have to bring your own priest as we are opting to bring ours! 
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