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Has anyone actually gotten married in Hartford City Hall instead of just taking pictures? We already have it booked for our ceremony in June and I know we have to rent chairs on our own. What about microphones/speakers? I know they hold meetings there so they must have mics and a speaker system, I just don't know if we are allowed to use them. I'm going to ask the special events coordinator for an official answer but I'd also like to hear other brides' take on it, if it's even worth the hassle to try to use anything they may have or if it's easier to just bring your own audio equipment in?

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  • I haven't, but will be getting married there in April. We will be renting our chairs, but I don't think they have a speaker/mic system. My DJ is going to be setting up the audio for us at the ceremony
  • Thanks for the info! Good luck with your ceremony, it's so gorgeous there!
  • no problem! let me know if you have any other questions.. i've been talking to kejuan a bunch. :)
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    I guess I should call him more often! Any idea if we can throw confetti or the like? Do we have to clean it up or will they? And are you doing a rehearsal there? I think he told me the building is open until 8 on week nights so it shouldn't be a problem to get in.
  • I'm actually not too sure about the clean-up. I am pretty certain that we are responsible for doing so, and we are not doing flower petals (flower girl) for that reason. I am doing a rehearsal the evening prior - on Friday. Like you said, they're open late on weeknights so I'm hoping to do one around 5pm on Friday.

    Let me know what info you know as well! :) Kejuan said he would take down the paintings in the hall for us .. hoping that works out
  • I emailed Keujan a couple weeks ago and haven't heard back. Do you normally call him or email him? I think I've only gotten a reply once through email. 
  • Strangely enough I JUST got a reply! Maybe it just takes a little while :-) I was asking about a podium and he said they don't have podiums but he could arrange to have a table for me. I was thinking how we will need ones for programs and/or signs. He also offered to schedule a walk through which I will definitely take him up on once the time gets closer. Have you done that?
  • I did a walkthrough on my own, during regular hours. I went to see Kejuan in person to sign the forms, etc. He is incredibly hard to get a hold of! I try calling AND leaving messages :(
  • Do either of you ladies have contact information for Kejaun? Im looking to have my ceremony there next year and want to get started on the planning. Thanks!
  • office: (860)757-9526
  • Anyone willing to share cost of having a ceremony at city hall?
  • I finally did my walk through and he was very accommodating but definitely hard to get a hold of. I'm still waiting on the letter I need to do the rehearsal there but at least i have a little time. April is coming up FAST! Are you all set with everything?
  • What letter do you need for the rehearsal?? He didn't tell me about that! :( 
  • He said that I needed to show the security guard something saying it was okay for me to use the space that Thursday evening. But I still haven't heard back from him. I doubt a security guard would stop us from rehearsing but I'd still like to have all our ducks in a row. We're doing a 6 - 7 pm rehearsal, I believe the building is open until 9. 
  • Hi Ladies! I wanted to check in and see how your experience is going or was when you got married in Hartford city hall! My fiance and I are planning a wedding in downtown Hartford for Fall 2015. We are looking for a different ceremony space. We loved the Old State House but at $1,900 it isn't as affordable! I wanted to see how your experience was and if you have any regrets or advice!
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    i'll let you know after the end of april! :) 
  • And I'll let you know after June 14th! I can't wait!
  • @bl327 Did you have your wedding?! How did it go?!?!
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    I did! In the end, everything worked out but it was way too stressful and not worth it. PM me if you'd like details...
  • I'm considering getting married at city hall in Hartford or maybe the Old State House. Did anyone think that it's not worth the hassle?
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    We just had our wedding there on June 14th and it was GORGEOUS! It was absolutely amazing. We didn't need fans for the ceremony since the week wasn't super warm but be forewarned that once you get to the upper levels for pictures it gets pretty toasty up there. I wasn't envisioning sweating like that during pictures, but it was worth it. All of the guests were so impressed with the building and how beautiful it was. Let me know if you want any more info.
  • In case this helps anyone else, here is a picture from the end of our ceremony. We had all the chairs and decor brought in and they had to be removed the same day but it was so beautiful!
  • I know these posts are a bit old but I was wondering if you could tell me if 200 people will fit in city hall for a sit-down ceremony?
  • Oh and did the company you rented chairs from remove your decorations?or did you hire someone seperately to do that?
  • Yes 200 people will fit, the atrium is very large. I hired a day of coordinator to deal with decorations. She set them up and removed them. 
  • hi teresa2328!

    Hellpp!!So i talked to Kejuan a bunch about 3-4 weeks ago and he said he woudl put my name down for Sept.26th to have my wedding ceremony at City Hall. So now I have put my deposit down for my reception at The Society Room. However, I havent heard from him since I sent in the Insurance Certificate and my ceremony application almost two weeks ago. I have called him about 3 times in the past week and a half and now I am started to freak a bit. Do you have any advice?
    Thank you so much!
  • Oh also teresa2328,

    Would you mind giving me the information for where you rented your chairs and you day of coordinator?
    I really hope this doesnt all go up in flames.
    Thank you so much!
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