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Attendants or no attendants?

I am planning a wedding of about 25 people at Caesar's, with a reception either at a restaurant or a ballroom in the hotel.  I had originally decided no attendants, because I am forgoing several more traditional things in other areas (shower, bachelorette party, toasts, bouquet toss). Also my friend I would choose as my maid of honor lives 6 hours away, and my fiancee's friends (well his good friends that he would chose as best man and groomsmen) are all in Australia.  But now I find myself it weird to not have a bridal party? Will I regret not having one? 

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  • I am having a 35 person wedding at the Flamingo, and I am not having attendants. If we had a wedding party, it would be a third of the guests! Plus, it was hard enough to create the guest list, I really don't want to pick my "favorites of my favorites". I'll admit I have a tiny concern that the ceremony will be way too quick with only me walking down the aisle! But, I also feel a big relief at not having to pick out dresses or any of that.

    I'm also forgoing a shower, bachelorette party, toasts, and bouquet toss! I say, do what you want!



  • No wedding party here either.  We aren't having formal toasts, but if anyone wants to say something, we aren't going to stop them.  No bouquet toss either.  We aren't formally having bachelorette/bachelor parties but we may go our separate ways with our close friends the night before.
  • No wedding party for us either, with only about 20 guests. Everyone who's coming is immediate family or wedding-party-worthy friends so I'd never want to have to choose just some of them. His sister (the only sibling between us) will sign as witness.

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  • We had about 60 guests and we didn't do a wedding party either.  We had my sister officiant, that was about it.  His dad signed as the witness.  We don't regret a thing!  Made things so much easier and it was nice to have some 'us' time during the photo session.  

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  • Thank you everyone! I completely agree with all of you and feel much better about this now :) 
  • I don't think it's weird at all; I think it's more weird when people have wedding parties and give them a list of duties lol.

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    It's not weird and you won't regret it. We had SD as a flower girl and that was it. My two best friends who I might have chosen as bridesmaids gave the same type of support but I didn't have to worry them about what to wear and other things when they were already spending the money to travel for our wedding.

  • I don't think it's weird. We have one and some days I wish I didn't haha :) 
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  • We are having 50 guest.  The only attendants will be MOH(my sister) and BM(his brother) and that is it.  Plus, they are going and their only duty will be just to show up on that day.  Keeping it real simple. 
  • It's not weird, especially when you have a small wedding. We only had a MOH and BM. If they hadn't been able to attend, we would have asked our siblings to witness our marriage license.
  • I also am not having a wedding party per se. Just my MOH and my daughter will walk down the aisle preceding my entrance. We are having 20-30 ppl too.
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  • We're having my adult daughter and step daughter stand with us.  My 4 best friends from 20-40 years will be there and would have been my bridal party had I been 25 and been getting married somewhere else.  As it stands now I told them if they were in the wedding there would hardly be anyone to watch!  Besides I didn't want to make them spend more on outfits etc...  I am thrilled that they're coming but really wanted to skip the whole bridal party thing.

     I do have to say that it did take some additional communication because my best friend was unsure what I want her to do on the wedding day.  She asked if she could be there when I was getting ready, that's when I knew I needed to work on the communications...  I told her she's like my MOH just not having to get matching outfits and all that, but that I was counting on her being there while I got ready.  She had to be there for that!   but that wasn't clear because I don't have the traditional bridesmaids and MOH.  So I've talked them and walked them through this so they understand their roles and involvement.  It's all good now!
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  • No attendants here either! ;)
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