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Where did you get married and why

Hi ladies.. I thought it would be interesting to see where all of you lovely knotties got married for your DW and why you chose that location. :)

Re: Where did you get married and why

  • We were married on Wilson Island along the Great Barrier Reef in Australia. We eloped, so we had the opportunity to look across the world and found this island. It was everything we wanted- small (6 rooms), remote (requires heli and boat transfers), quiet, and upholds a certain standard of luxury. We originally had a huge list of destinations including Italy, Malaysia, the Maldives, Tahiti, Hawaii, etc. but it was also important that our ceremony be our legal wedding. So, that eliminated some places easily based on that and our final choice was between the Cook Islands and Australia.


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    Hawaii, overlooking Waikiki Beach.  I grew up going there, and DH had been there and really liked it too.  He really wanted an outdoor wedding, but we wanted as close to a guarantee of good weather as we could get.  I also wasn't keen on a summer wedding, since so many up here do July/Aug (in Canada).  It did rain the morning of, and late that night though.  We've been talking recently of buying a condo in Hawaii in the next 5-10 years to rent out and have for retirement.  It's my happy place, that's for sure.  

  • We haven't gotten married yet, but we will be getting married on Maui.  We choose Hawaii because I'm from the United States and FI is from New Zealand.  Even though we now live in NZ, Hawaii is the most central point for all of our family and friends.
  • We will be getting married in Mexico, we chose Puerto Aventuras because we've stayed at Dreams resorts before, and it was the best option for a Dreams resort close enough to Cancun (I didn't want people to have to travel far from the airport).
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    Mr. Sancho's Cozumel, Mexico. We go scuba diving in Cozumel just about every year, H also does the Ironman down there, so it's become "our" island. We wanted a wedding in a location that was special to us, and this seemed natural. We ultimately picked the venue because we wanted a private reception near the water, without being in the sand. We also didn't want to stay at a resort, because we prefer to rent condos when we travel. The beach club and the planner we found were perfect, and the weekend went off with very little stress.

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  • We got married about 3 weeks ago at Ballyvolane House in Co. Cork, Ireland.

    My husband has long been in the habit of looking at houses online (real estate listings, etc., he just loves old houses), and before we were even engaged he found Ballyvolane. Once we got engaged and decided to get married in Ireland, we couldn't imagine it being anywhere else. We looked (virtually) at many other venues but always returned to Ballyvolane.

    The reason we settled on Ireland to begin with is because he was born in Dublin, so his entire family aside from brother, sister and father all live there. They came over last year for his brother's wedding, and will come next year for his sister's, so this evened things up a bit! Plus I wanted my parents to see Ireland, and having a DW kept the guest list small (family only) which is what we both wanted.

    Planning an overseas wedding has its unique challenges, even with a venue that is experienced in working with foreigners, but I cannot imagine it having happened any other way!
  • In a hot air balloon over Vermont. We looked at a ton of places, but chose vermont because it was drivable for us (rather than a flight), had gorgeous mountain scenery, and was somewhere none of us had ever been. The hot air balloon was a bonus :P
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    We are getting married (this Sunday!) in Napa at a restaurant owned by a restaurant group that we love and often eat at (but at their location in Los Angeles, as that's where we are from).

    Fi knew that he wanted to get married there someday because it's very pretty and he feels like they are "family". I was quite pleased to buy into his fantasy. :)
  •   We are getting married at Disneyland. We are huge Disney fans and got engaged at Walt Disney World. 
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    We're getting married at Disney World in 13 days!!  We wanted to keep our numbers small, I wanted a fall wedding and FI's parents were already going to be in Florida, so we decided why not Disney.  I liked having the packages where I didn't have to put too much thought and effort and track down vendors and so forth.  It was allowed for just the right touches of customization where I felt it would have it's own unique differences.

  • Chose a horse farm/estate about 130 miles from where I live.  The manor house was available to rent for the entire bridal party for the entire weekend.  Even though I don't live there anymore, I grew up down the street from the farm and always thought it was the most perfect place on the planet.

    I may have stayed Friday, Saturday, and Sunday nights there, and gotten married on Saturday, but I barely remember it!  It all was so fast.  The weekend went by in the blink of an eye.  The photos sure are pretty though!  
  • These all seem awesome ladies!

    Mrsmagicgeek.. In a hot air balloon! That is such a cool idea!

    XrebeccaX.. I have always wanted to visit Ireland. The scenery looks beautiful and I love all of the old architecture and the idea of all the little pubs!

  • Tulum, Mexico. We live in Colorado but always knew if we ever got married we wanted it to be on a tropical beach. I grew up in Florida so that didn't do a whole lot for me so we broadened our location search. We both love Mexico, the price was right, most of our guests were able to get direct, easy flights from their home states (as were we), and we have family who just purchased a vacation home in Tulum. It was pretty much a slam dunk! It turned out perfect! 
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