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Wedding Planner or No Wedding Planner!!!!!

My sister who got married a year ago, my friend of 16 years the MOH, and one of my bridesmaids were all very excited for me when I got engaged a month ago. They offered to help with the wedding and all the plans.  Each of them are going through personal things in their lives and while I think they have good intentions they have not been very helpful. Especially with my #1 task right now finding a reception venue. So I met with a wedding planner and went with my sister and fiance.  AND SHE HAD ME SOLD. She offered to do A-Z wedding planning, day of coordination with a 3 staff team, will work with me to stay within my budget, will present me with all my vendor options so I dont have to go looking anymore....I mean the works BUT her price is a non negotiable $1,800 and while I understand may not be a lot for some, but for me who has a $15,500 budget with 175-200 guest its a lot.She said that hiring her doesn't add or take away from my budget. Which to me means that she can plan my wedding with the remaining $13,700.Now unless she is really good at what she does...I don't know how possible that is without sacrificing quality or giving up a lot of things I really want in my wedding. My sister tells me that she is too expensive and that she doesnt think I need a wedding planner because her's didnt do much except find the reception venue and dj. She says that she will step up and help me.

Should I trust my sister and allow her to help me instead of getting a wedding planner?
Is it worth it so just go with the wedding planner? And should I trust her that she will be able to pull off my wedding?
Can you suggest any wedding planners in the South Florida area that has lower rates but does a really good job?

Thank you so much!!!!!!!

Re: Wedding Planner or No Wedding Planner!!!!!

  • I thought the price of a wedding planner for my daughter's wedding (same as yours) was ridiculous, but in the end I was WRONG.  She gave me everything your lady is offering and it was a gift.  There were so many "day of" issues that we NEVER knew about and did not even hear of until weeks later! I loved all of her vendors, and because she has worked with them in the past, we got many extras.  I made up for the cost in small areas (welcome basket items came from dollar tree) that really added up to some savings.  Take the planner, but make sure you have interviewed more than one just to be sure, and make sure she has good contacts at your venue.
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    While your MOH may be able to assist with pre wedding things (booking vendors, seating charts), I highly suggest getting a DOC. I pretty much planned my sister's wedding and we have 2 pictures together from the entire event because I was so busy during it. While I'm very glad I was able to help her out (she had 0 clue how most things worked in the world of wedding and I graduated with a hospitality and events degree), I wish I could have just relaxed and enjoyed the day.

    Do yourself, and your MOH, a favor and get a doc.


  • I agree with shannon get a Day of Coordinator to cut out cost its fine to have friends and family help you out. this is pretty much what im doing and we cut out a lot of extra expenses. just for food and the hall we are looking at about 5700 for 160 guest 
  • @missesnoel do you mind sharing who did you hire as your wedding planner? I'm in the same situation as you and trying to plan a destination wedding is so overwhelming. I'm not sure to pick a hotel for venue since most of my guests will be out of town or a separate hall. Any help will be appreciated. thank you!

  • Well I can't help you on suggestions because my planner is much more expensive but worth it to me because he is going to take care of everything for me. I'm just not the type of person who wants to plan every detail, I just want to show up and have fun. Also my FI is Indian and they are all of these other events that go along with a traditional Hindu wedding that I would need to plan. Just not my thing. 

    How soon is your wedding? if it's coming up soon and your bridal party are a bit busy with life right now it may indeed be a good idea to get a planner. Also, if you are skeptical you can always ask her for references and to show you examples of weddings she has done in the past around your budget.


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