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Venues in Albuquerque

Hey all!  I am getting married at the end of October or early November of 2015.  We would really like to keep the wedding on the less expensive side so we can really enjoy our honeymoon.  We don't usually have the money or time to go on trips so it's a big deal for us to! 

Anyways we will have about 50 guests assuming everyone invited shows up.  Do any of you have any good recommendations for places we could have it?  We want to keep it low-key.  As of now my favorite all in one location is Hotel Andaluz but we are also looking at restaurants for a reception following a small ceremony with just our parents and siblings.  Any ideas as far as restaurants that are good for receptions or ceremony spaces that are small but pretty would be awesome.  Ones  Fiancee and I are both atheist so we aren't picky about ceremony locations really other then we want it indoors so we don't freeze.

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