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mother/son-in law and father/daughter-in law dance song?

Hey guys!!! So, My FI and I were thinking of nixing the parent dances altogether . His mom passed away in 2008 and my dad passed away shortly after in 2009.

Then we came up with an idea to maybe have my FI dance with my mom, and I will dance with his dad simultaneously to one song. Has anyone done this? Did it work out ok?

The only song I can think of to use for this would be "my wish" by rascal flatts. But im not a super super huge fan of that song so was looking for some other possible suggestions.


Re: mother/son-in law and father/daughter-in law dance song?

  • It's a wonderful idea, and the first song that comes to my mind is What a Wonderful World by Louis Armstrong.  

    If you are the nostalgic type, you might want to consider something like this

    If you like country (just not My Wish) maybe I hope You Dance by Lee Ann Womack

    Or how about Forever Young   or   Have I Told You Lately  by Rod Stewart

    Or maybe a Beatles song like   In My Life, or Imagine?

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    Believe it or not my FI are in the same exact boat as you (my dad and his mom both passed away), and we tossed around the idea of doing a father in law/daughter and mother in law/son dance, but in the end, decided against it. I love my future father-in-law dearly but I think I would probably cry dancing with him, knowing that my father should be there. It would be doing a spotlight dance for the sake of tradition, and we agreed we'd rather skip the dances and just focus on having a fun time at our wedding --- my father was someone who would be unhappy knowing I was sad thinking about him on what should be a very happy day.

    My FI's brother got married last year and he and his wife chose to do a father/daughter dance (the bride's parents are both still alive), and a mother in law/son dance, just to even the spotlight dances out. As a guest, I knew the situation and it was sweet but I think it also felt a little forced and very sad, kind of reminding the audience that the groom's mother passed away too young.

    Anyway, this is just what my FI and I decided, if you and your FI end up going the other way, I think it would be a touching tribute to your parents. "My wish" is a lovely song, too.
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