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Who Walks MOG Down the Asile? *Wedding Week!*

Our priest emailed us asking for the wedding party pairings, and he asked about who is seating the mothers. My brother will escort my mother down the aisle, and who escorts my groom's mother, the groom? My FH and his mother are not particularly close, I'm going to ask her who she wants to be escorted by but in case she makes me choose or something (she may do that) I want to do what makes sense. If my FH does not escort her, would an usher be okay? both of our ushers are her nephews.

Re: Who Walks MOG Down the Asile? *Wedding Week!*

  • satuttle1014satuttle1014 member
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    I'm sorry I forgot to put in that she is a single mother and FH is an only child
  • Normally an usher escorts the mother(s).

  • An usher would be fine. In Jewish tradition, both parents of the groom walk the groom to the alter and then go take a seat. So there are different ways to do it. Whatever works for you is good. 
  • He can escort his mom, or she can pick someone else to do it.
  • Literally anyone can do this. He can do it, an usher can do it, if she has a brother or close friend they can do it, she could walk alone.....etc. 

    And even if you give your priest a name now and change it later, it shouldn't matter. It's not like they're going to be checking IDs on who's walking who down the aisle.

  • Thanks everyone for the advice. She actually said one of the ushers so that worked out. I just wanted to be prepared with a suggestion in case she asked for my opinion, I wanted to know what was correct if there was.
  • My friend's husband walked my MIL down the aisle, as he was the only one at the rehearsal that didn't have a role and wanted to be involved. We didn't think to have an usher for her before then. My nephew walked my mom down the aisle.
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  • huskypuppy14huskypuppy14 Boston Suburbs member
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    A friend of my sister's and her husband walked my mom down the aisle at my sister's wedding (we have no brothers). 

    It can literally be anyone at the wedding who is able to do so. If an usher is her nephew, that is perfect.


  • My FI Wants to walk his mom down the aisle. I think it's a really sweet idea. He's the youngest, so his mom will love this.

    Ushers are also a good option.
  • At our wedding 18 years ago DH escorted his mom and my sister (stand in for deceased mom).  All of our (3) sons-in-law have escorted their moms too.  There is absolutely nothing wrong with an usher doing this though.
  • climbingwifeclimbingwife NYC 'burbs member
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    My H walked his mother down the aisle. 

  • sarahuflsarahufl New York member
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    My parents walked me down together. They then went and sat in the pew.

    It was incredibly meaningful for my mom to be part of "giving me away" and not just a casual observer.

    H's parents did the same thing. It isn't very traditional to do this in Catholic weddings, but some of our other friends liked it so much they are doing it at their wedding next week!
  • AN usher would be fine. Or even her son if she wants that and he does.

    My husband's mom is also a single mom, and I have 1 sister. We had no ushers, so our moms walked down the aisle together.
  • Jen4948Jen4948 Houston member
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    An usher would be fine. In Jewish tradition, both parents of the groom walk the groom to the alter and then go take a seat. So there are different ways to do it. Whatever works for you is good.

    Stuck in box

    Actually, in Jewish tradition both parents of both the groom and the bride escort their respective children but they continue to stand beside the huppah.  They don't go take seats.
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