Looking for a Budget Friendly venue in Lancaster

Help! I'm newly engaged and have just begun looking for venues and the prices for the majority of the places I found seem to be through the roof. Any suggestions? We are looking at around 200 people and hoping to stay at a 20,000 budget. I'm open to alternative reception venues, I'd like to have something that has some interesting features and has a natural setting. 

Re: Looking for a Budget Friendly venue in Lancaster

  • Landis Valley Museum is lovely. My friend got married there (albeit 6 years ago) and it was beautiful. I know when I inquired on pricing last year, it was around $3000ish I think for a Saturday but the perk is that you get to bring in your own caterer. And I know it seats 200; she had invited about 225 and ended up with 185ish and it was comfortable (in mid-August with no air, too).

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