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Is there any tradition for the groom like there is the something old something new for the bride?

I was just curious if there was something like the old, new, borrowed, and blue but for the groom….and if not, is it really off to give the groom something old, new, borrowed, and blue or is that strictly for the bride?

Just trying to think outside the box ;)

Re: Is there any tradition for the groom like there is the something old something new for the bride?

  • Just cuz it isn't tradition doesn't mean you can't do it!

    Unfortunately I think most of the responsibility for generating luck and success fell squarely on the woman's shoulders, cuz even superstition can be sexist. :-p

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    I don't know of any, but like lolo said, you can definitely do it!  Start your own tradition!  :)

  • The Groom And His Best Man (from BBC)

    The groom, his best man, male family and best friends wear similar suits to ward off and confuse the evil spirits as to the real identity of the groom.

    The best man was responsible for ensuring the groom's good luck in the following three ways:
    •The groom must carry a lucky mascot in his pocket
    •The groom must not return home for any reason after leaving for the ceremony
    •The minister should be given an odd sum of money for his fee
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  • DH's grandfather was in the military. His grandfather couldn't be there and gave DH his wings to carry during the wedding. Our photographer captured some really special photos.

  • I say let your groom carry the traditional luck items meant for the bride! It sounds fun actually.

    To heck with whether or not tradition allows it. Tradition calls for the bride to be considered property, so you are deviating already
  • I sent my FI (now husband) socks to his hotel room the morning of our wedding to make sure he didn't get cold feet!
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