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Hi guys! 

My fiance and I are planning a wedding for next May, but we want a laid back feel. We don't like the traditional linen/tulle/white chair feel. We want it to be outdoors, wooden chairs or benches at the ceremony with friends playing music. Lots of flowers and natural feel. The reception (In our minds) will be outdoors, long rectangle tables with everyone sitting together. Light flowers, exposed wood and mix matched chairs. We want to have outdoor games and are going with a low key Harry Potter theme. Any type of recommendation, from venue to rental service to even ideas would be appreciated! Thank you so much!

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  • Same here with the tulle/linen everywhere bit, we're doing a steampunk (low-key too) but we love Harry potter. We are borrowing interesting looking old books from home (or removing dust covers from HP books), they can be random extras, or pedestal/stage for a smaller decorative item as a centerpiece. There's a 2nd and Charles that has free book bins in Kennesaw that might yeild some luck. 

    I found when touring places most (unless it's a park) will have ton of local information on rentals, and share past pictures of a variety of set-ups. The more you describe what you're thinking to the location/sales manager, the more it may generate ideas. They will, sell you that idea, so proceed with caution. 

    Most venues seem to have matching chairs, unless they have multiple locations/venues with much different settings to choose from. Randomised table sizes/shape might be an easier substitute for mix/match chairs, because venues have a variety of tables available verses chairs. Also look/ask if benches can be relocated from around the venue if needed.  Try an inexpensive coffee/bedside table near existing benches to create a more living room area near an outdoor game.
  • There is a venue in Rockmart GA (mind you that's in the middle of no where really) that may have the feel you are going for. It's called Georgia Vintage Weddings...

    There is also a place in Newnan GA... Vinewood Plantation

    And Proctor Farms in Rome, GA is nice. - I know with their reception area that it is semi-open - but they had round tables set up at the wedding I attended there, although they may have long tables available.

    I'm sure there are many other venues but these are the first three that came to my mind. There are some good ones around the Watkinsville/Athens area as well.

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