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Wedding Venue Trouble

Hey guys! 

I'm having a bit of trouble finding a reasonably priced venue for a guest list of about 75 folks. I don't know that many people and I'm still trying to pay off student loans.

Please help!!!! 

Re: Wedding Venue Trouble

  • Hi. And congrats! It really depends on when you're looking to get married. Having your wedding during peak months will cost you more. Also, how much are you looking to spend per person?
  • Hi misskinababy! Well I'm looking to have my wedding next year in August. I honestly do not want to go over $6,000 for the venue. I still have a dress, flowers, invatations and other thing to pay for. 
  • Hmm...well, you may want to consider looking for an empty space that you can rent. You'd also have to bring in a caterer, rent tables, chairs, etc. I took some of my engagement photos at the Nassau County Museum of Art and it is an absolutely gorgeous place. You can call and ask how much it would be to hold a wedding there. Also, negotiate, negotiate, negotiate!
  • I agree with misskinababy, you will definitely have to do a lot of negotiating or rent a raw space as she mentioned and DIY most of the reception; keep in mind caterers can cost about $4-5,000 alone sometimes so do lots of research. Another option is to host a passed hors d'oeuvres and cocktails only reception, when you include a buffet/sit down dinner that's what increases the bill b/c you are paying for staff.  Aside from that, I found my venue in LI for $85pp but they have a 100 guest minimum, less than that then they add service charges. I noticed most venues in LI are costly so have you considered looking outside of LI?, maybe Queens. Antuns in Queens have a package starting at $50 pp and up, Terrace on the Park in Queens offers 80pp in off months like October and the Swan Club in LI quoted us $85 pp as well (no min guest list I believe).

    Best wishes, Good Luck!
  • Thank you ladies so much!

    I actually have a viewing at Swan Club this weekend and thank you, blissfulbride2015 for the Antuns in Queen venue. I will call them up shortly.
  • Check out the Irish Coffee Pub and Smithtown Country Club. I've heard great things about both them and they have reasonable rates.
  • Just to keep everyone up to date, I never got to view the Swan Club but will be viewing it in the upcoming weeks. I did however check out Leonard's Palazzo and I must say, I was quoted for a guest list of 60 ppl just $85/pp. Has anyone else heard about this place?
  • I've heard of Leonard's Palazzo and that was actually one of the places I was looking at, but I ended up picking The Coral House. It's $86/pp.
  • So guys, I am leaning towards Leonard's Palazzo or Terrance on the Park in Flushing, Queens. I was just wondering if you've heard anything about the food and service at any of these two places?
  • My fiancé's friend got married at Terrace on the Park two years ago and it is GORGEOUS. Their ceremony and cocktail hour was outside. The only downside though...we couldn't hear a word the officiant was saying. Maybe it was because of the position of the speakers. It also didn't help that planes were flying above since LaGuardia airport is nearby. The service was great and so was the food. The room where they had the reception was big and so was the dance floor. I heard that my fiancé's friend paid a good amount of money for the wedding, but he didn't want to ask and neither did I. And I think they just renovated the place. 
  • Look into the Setauket Neighborhood house! We just had our wedding there--
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