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Nevada-Las Vegas

I'm having a love/hate relationship with Vegas!

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I love and hate all the options that Vegas has! So awhile back I reached out to Platinum Hotel and she recently reached back out to see if I made some decisions. I initially looked at the info but didn't think too much about it...NOW it looks like a great option! Which would you pick?

1. Ceremony and Reception at Platinum and head to Chateau nightclub (my FAVORITE club on the strip) afterwards. She is giving me a killer deal! I also will no longer need a DOC or transportation for all the guests as it's not that far of a walk. We will also be able to have our first dance and hang out with some guests before they call it a night. I also like that they would take care of just about everything! My only concern is that it will feel too "normal wedding" and I don't really know the food quality (although the reviews I've read are good). 

2. Ceremony at Quad, Reception at NOVE in Palms and head to Ghostbar afterwards. I love the atmosphere of all three places. They are so damn swanky and the food at NOVE is YUMMY! I would want a DOC to help make sure everyone is where they are supposed to be and to help with decor at NOVE. We would also need to get transportation for all of our guests (40-60) to the Palms as it is a bit of a hike. We also won't really be able to do a first dance and some of our guests will likely leave after dinner as Ghostbar won't be something they would like. 

Just the dinner at NOVE is equal to the all-inclusive package at Platinum Hotel. We have the money so that's not an issue but I'm starting to think of all the other things I could do with that savings (like upgrades on our honeymoon!). 

Is there something I am not taking into consideration? As a guest, which sounds like a better option?

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Re: I'm having a love/hate relationship with Vegas!

  • One and done. Seems so much easier, be it you or the guest.
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  • I am starting to be jealous of everyone having it all at one location! 
  • It all depends on whether or not you'd be OK having it be "normal wedding-ish" but keep in mind, the Platinum has some KILLER views and there will be NO mistaking that you're in Vegas.  Coming from someone who has just come off Vegas Wedding Weekend, it is kind of a pain in the ass to run all over town.  It was fun, don't get me wrong, but it took a LOT longer to get places than we expected and I'm a VERY experienced Vegas guest.  I'd say keep it all in one place and splurge on some of the cool extras you might want.  That's another thing: I budgeted down to the penny and I STILL had quite a few unexpected expenses.  Always nice to have some wiggle room.
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  • Depending on night of the week, will you be able to get that number of people into Ghost?  I like either option but that might make the decision for you if it would be a problem.

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  • I vote for option one. It sounds lovely. And also I was just reading the blog post of Little Vegas Wedding about how some brides regret choosing too many places/too much travel because they want to hit so many spots.

    Good luck!

  • I hear you on being unable to make a decision. I'm with ya sister. Although I think my plans are solid, I know I could change my mind for exactly the reasons you stated - ease for guests and costs. I looked at the Platinum too. However, the one thing that made me do it the hard way is that it is not a casino. That's the same reason we are not staying at Vdara. We choose Vegas for a reason and many of our guests are gamblers. Seemed silly for is to go there and not be in a casino. But the idea of all that work gone is so tempting.
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  • I'm in the same boat.  We are still scrambling to decide on a restaurant.  It doesn't help that our rsvp date has hit and we didn't even get half of them back.  
  • The pictures of weddings I have seen at platinum are gorgeous. Entire vegas skyline in background. No doubt you will feel completely in vegas. My opinion choose the one that will make you worry LESS. Less things to worry about the easier the rest of the planning will go and the easier your wedding day will be!
  • it is a really tough decision and honestly now I am starting to wonder if I jumped the gun too soon. We're almost paid off wedding wise (and we're not even getting married til Oct 2015!), but we went with Vegas Weddings on South 3rd and we're doing an all-in-one...Ceremony then reception. It was easier that way as opposed to trying to figure out how to get our guests to the next spot and paying x amount for a reception. However, now that it has been announced, there is a lot of hurt feelings on my side of the family because many are not invited (we have a 28 guest limit with our package, I don't see the need to upgrade for only TWO more people and spend an extra $1k for that and a meal change, WTF?). That 28 includes FI and I. I've already been married before, and this is his first time and he is the firstborn in his family. I want it to be special for my ILs so we put their family ahead of mine. I have my mom, dad, sis, her hubby, my MOH, her plus one, my Aunt and Uncle who live in Vegas.My BFF and her hubby. We have his parents, his brother and plus one, his grandpa, his uncle/aunt and two kids (we decided to allow kids after weighing it carefully), another aunt/uncle on his side, his two cousins and their plus ones.

    In the end it made more sense, but I have a bit of buyers remorse because I feel like if I rented out a suite like at MB, I could have fit more people in...but we both don't want a huge amount of people at our wedding, so there is that. It's just tough and we knew some people's feelings would be hurt.
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  • Vote for #1! I love Chateu!
  • I totally vote option 1! Wish I could've done them myself! Everyone has raved about how easy they are to work with!
  • All booked! No turning back now or I'd lose LOTS of money (I put way more down then was required so I can't change my mind hahaha!). Now I just have to remember I don't need all the upgrades (expect maybe a sequin linen for our sweetheart table!). :) 
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  •  Congrats on having that check out of the way!  I'm sure you're going to be very happy with your choice!
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  • I can say, the biggest issue we had on our wedding day was the transportation. This was also the hardest vendor to arrange.

    Also keeping your rehearsal dinner at Nove and the wedding separate will keep the 2 events as separate memories. :)
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