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Does anyone know if Elaine Morgan still does dress alterations? She's in the Newark area. Any reviews would be great too! Thanks!

Re: Elaine Morgan - dress alterations

  • Yes, she does. I am not having my wedding dress altered there but when my friend was married she had her gown altered by Eliane and I also had my bridesmaid dress done there. I have no complaints and everyone I know loves her.
  • I used her for my Aug 15th wedding and was very happy.  The left (breast) side of my dress was lower then the right.  The symmatry was off and I guess that happens a lot with dresses from China.  We didn't notice it until she pointed it out.  So she had to move it up so it was even with the right side.  She did an amazing job and we could see the difference after!  She also hemmed the dress a lot (I'm 5'1") and did the bustle.  It turned out amazing and she is VERY reasonable when it comes to price.  It was only $150.  I've heard horror stories of $400 and up but I think her max is $185. 
  •  I and all of my sister's bridal party had a very negative experience with her. She altered four bridemaids dresses and I cant tell you what went RIGHT. Them hem were all over the place in length, people had requested bra cups sewn in and she put in the wrong size, one of the other girls' bra cup FELL OUT. The maid of honor discovered she had several pins still in her dress (we found them because one of them poked her hard enough to make her bleed through the back of the dress). All in worst alterations I or any of the girls have had done. From what I understand she focuses all her attentions on her Brides, if you not a bride don't bother (and even then, buyer beware).
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    I hired Elaine to make 6 bridesmaids dresses and 3 groomsmen vests for my wedding. All I can say is that I urge you NOT to hire this woman! The workmanship is horrendous! I paid her $150 for each bridesmaids dress and $75 for each vest, NOT counting the fabric and crinoline. My dresses were designed by me so that my girls (all my daughters and stepdaughters) could wear them again. As it turns out, that won't happen since some of them started to fall apart AT the wedding! As for the vests, my son's doesn't even hang straight on a hanger! When I tried to contact her with my complaints, she ignored me until I posted negative comments on another wedding website, then accused me of slandering her! Eventually, she sent me a check for $150 - the cost of ONE of the dresses. When I returned the check, she refused to respond. I have decided not to sue her, as I don't want the memory of my wedding to be tainted by a lawsuit, but I DO want to warn anyone who is thinking of hiring her to PLEASE read other comments on other sites (as well as the one above mine) before calling this woman!  
    The site would not allow me to upload my photos of the workmanship I have mentioned, but you can view my facebook album "The Trouble With Seamstresses" under Lori Wilmoth Deckman McDiarmid. The album is public.
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