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Hi Ladies just wanted to introduce myself. I'm Jessica 24 a student from Houston Texas. I recently got engaged to my boo of 3 yrs Derrick a 29 yr old technician. The first female in my immediate family to get married so all this wedding stuff is so new to me. We Are Planning A Wedding For 9/12/2015. Any advice would be very helpful. I look forward to getting to know you all as well.

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  • Jessica Congratulations bridey!!! and welcome to the best board on The Knot. Where'd you guys meet? how'd he pop the question? If you could have your fantasy wedding what would it look like?
  • Congrats on your engagement!
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  • Hi Jessica and Ladies!  It's been a minute since i've been here.  Congrats on your engagment, I look foward to hearing more.  I'm creeping up on a year since my big day.  :-)
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  • Thank you @sultryzulu‌ we met originally on Facebook but officially at a party his best friend had. No lie it was love at first sight. We stayed up all night talking and watching the sunrise. He recently asked me to marry him in front of all our close family and friends in front of a waterfall at the Williams tower which is really cute bc my new last name will be Williams. Lol. He blindfolded me on our way from dinner and them led me up to the grass where he took off the blind fold had Jagged Edges 'Gotta Be' playing and 'Marry me?' Spelled out in candles with rose petals scattered. It was AMAZING! if I could have a fantasy wedding it would actually look just like our proposal with more candles and flowers followed by amazing food and wine. Just small intimate and beautiful.
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  • Thank you and Congrats to you both! @NilDap2014‌ and @marsm4‌
  • congrats and welcome 
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  • Congrats on your engagement.  Looks like you had a grand proposal.  We are almost date twins.  My wedding is 9/5/15.  My advice to you on planning is to stay organized, focus on your budget because that can get out of hand QUICK, hire a wedding planner if you can to help with finding vendors and keeping you on track, stick to your guns and don't let anyone influence your decisions on what you want for your wedding, IGNORE the haters (and there will be plenty), make time for you and your BOO outside of planning, and make sure you have fun while planning.  It will get stressful and hectic at times and your inner bridezilla will emerge but just remember the most important part of this whole planning is you and your man saying "I Do".  You don't need planning for that.  

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    congrats on the engagement sweetie.. you look so happy and welcome to the board :)
    p.s. heyyy to @marsm4 month twin we almost at a year !! 

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  • AWW CONGRATS... And wishing you the best...And as stated before welcome to the best board on TK... LOL

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  • Congrats!!! What an awesome proposal!!
  • Thank you ladies! Congrats to you all! I went to some of the other boards and those women are MEAN! Lol.
  • So happy I found you ladies
  • Thank you ladies! Congrats to you all! I went to some of the other boards and those women are MEAN! Lol.
    Not getting any will do that to a bish.  lol!   drop in on some of their threads sometime.  One just unhappier than the next.
  • I have and I won't again. Lol. @sultryzulu‌
  • Hello - welcome to the board! I am a Newbie as well!

    Congrats on engagement!

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