Father/daughter, mother/son combo?

Hey there,
I'm struggling a bit with this and I have searched through old threads and I'm just not hitting on what feels right, so I thought I'd ask again.

First, is it common or appropriate to do a combo song, father/daughter and mother/son?  I ask because I'm not SUPER close with my dad.  He's super supportive and loves me and I love him, but we don't talk all the time and I didn't really grow up with him.  So, having super sentimental songs about how he tucked me in at night or checked for monsters or whatever just aren't appropriate or comfortable for me, although I do want to have that dance still.  He suggested "Walk With Me" by Edwin McCain which is just so slow and sappy and frankly, too long.

So, my thought was, I'll combine the dances and find a song that kinda hits in the middle, to take the pressure off that moment.  I don't want a country song or anything too slow and boring.. lol.  

Two that I might be okay with - 93 Million Miles by Jason Mraz or Days Like This by Van Morrison.  Thoughts, suggestions?  Big please and thank you!! :)

Re: Father/daughter, mother/son combo?

  • I think it's still just as special to do the dances together! Go for it if it makes you comfortable and everyone is happy with the arrangement! :)
    Btw you could consider "Wildflowers" by Tom Petty. It's a nice song and not too sappy (I considered using it so I am biased, lol).
  • I love that song!  Kind of the vibe I'm looking for.  Hopefully our parents don't get offended or something if we combine them.. but that's kinda how I'm leaning.
  • Love Van Morrison. I think combining the dances is the right way to go. You'll still get great pictures and your guests won't be waiting to get in the dance floor!
  • I have to admit that as a wedding guest, I would be SO GLAD if the dances were combined. After about 45 seconds of watching other people dance, I lose all interest.

    I would not be doing those dances at all because of how boring they are to other people, but my dad really wants to do it. Our song is Kind and Generous by Natalie Merchant. We are combining the dances just as you are - my fiancé and his mother will be dancing right along with us.
  • See, that's exactly how I feel too.. this sounds horrible (maybe) but I want to get through all the formalities, get people fed and then dance!  I mentioned combining the dances to my aunt (dad's sister) and she seemed horrified by it.  I should probably just go with my own feelings on these things instead of asking LOL.
  • jaime232 said:
      I should probably just go with my own feelings on these things instead of asking LOL.
    Yes ... you probably should!  ha ha     

    The "everyone gets their own special dance" thing is relatively new.  The one song, and special or honored guests each take their moment cutting in thing was once the thing.  

    I don't mind parents having their own special moment.  In the grand scheme of things 3 minutes is nothing for a special honor.  However,after sitting through a few too long events, I wold be a fan of something like this .....

    1 song for B & G
    1 song for parents (in any configuration, like maybe B with FOB, then with FOG & simultaneously G with MOG, then with MOB.  FOB & MOG don't leave, but dance with each other to finish song)  
    everyone dances!
  • I love it!  Haha.  That is ideal for me.
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