WoodWinds or Farmington Club - im not in love with a venue :-(

Hello all! My fiance and I are looking at either WoodWinds in Bandford, CT or The Farmington Club in Farmington, CT. We are paying for the wedding ourselves. Every other friend of mine that has gotten engaged has found a place she LOVES. She They are also not paying for the wedding entirely. Needless to say, I have not found THE PLACE. As a teacher, I need to be married next summer (which ups costs, etc.) I was wondering if anyone had experience with WoodWinds or Farmington Club. My cons for both are below: Woodwinds is a tighter space. It does have a Saturday open for next summer. Farmington Club I really like the inside, and I've been to a really fun wedding there. but the ceremony and cocktail hour are next to their other banquet hall outside, and they are the only venue I know of that does not stagger. also, i would have to have my wedding on a friday here. Has anyone else never been IN LOVE with their venue??? I am seriously the only one and at this point all of my friends and family are mad at me bc I have not picked a place and I'm literally driving them crazy. I have been engaged for over 3 months. I am driving myself crazy - I have never had anxiety this bad and I know this is only the first step.

Re: WoodWinds or Farmington Club - im not in love with a venue :-(

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    This is an international board, so very few of us will know which venues you're talking about.

    But in general, don't worry about being IN LOVE with your venue.  Many brides come on TK and say the "perfect" venue doesn't fit their party, doesn't work with their time of day, whatever.  Well guess what... it's not perfect!  Falling in love with the look of a venue doesn't mean it will work.  So you are able to step back and make a more rational decision based on budget, schedule, and space rather than "ZOMG I love this one!"  Pick what works for you practically.

    I'm not "in love" with my venue either.  It's a very different look than what I initially envisioned.  But the price was reasonable, Fi loves it, the food is delicious, and they are really easy to work with.  No, it's not the NYC museum wedding I was sure I wanted.  But the wedding will still be lovely.
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  • Have you looked at farmington gardens? It's lovely!
  • I haven't personally stepped foot in either - but FI had his prom at woodwinds and said it was lovely.  I've seen some pretty pictures on my DJ's facebook page from there too.  If staggering or one event only is important to you, then go with woodwinds or keep looking.

    Don't let the 3 months thing get you.  We got engaged in Oct 2012, half-assedly wedding planned and browsed central CT until Oct 2013 - then found a place we both liked equally in Jan 2014.  Don't wait for one you are IN LOVE with - find one you are HAPPY with, and that gets your creative juices flowing.
  • I agree with others, I was waiting to fall "in love" with a venue like my friends all did however just like you, my fiance and I are paying for the wedding ourselves and can't really afford my dream venue Riverhouse at Goodspeed station, so we decided to go with a venue we can afford that i wasnt in love with at first. Now I am very excited about our choice because we can afford all the extra stations and other little details that will make our wedding special to us and not stress about the cost. So no you are not alone lol! Go with the place you like the best that you can afford you will love it when you start to plan all the details!
  • My parents (dad & stepmom) got married at Woodwinds about 14 years ago. I was pre-teen then lol. I remember it being nice and food being pretty good.

    I got married at the Amber Room last Sunday in Danbury. We looked at it in the winter of 2012 and it was nice but since it was winter I didn't care for the outside lol. I had to try really hard to picture it in the fall. We actually took a ride a year prior and loved it in the fall. So yeah I didn't fall "in love" with our venue until I saw/imagined the bigger picture.


  • i had my reception at testas in southington i checked out many venues before that some were nice but very pricey and would not work with me on my food budget, others were very inexpensive but the places were run down and looked like they still were in a time warp.

    i didnt think i was going to find anything but then we heard about this place called testas they are located in downtown southington hidden between houses and such. they dont have a huge outside at all just parking area but they do have an outdoor deck in the main ballroom.  

    the staff was amazing to work with enzo the owner answered any of my questions and got back to me asap when i left messages they have packages to fit every budget and will work with you. 

    they also have an add on package that includes an amazing dj from volume entertainment who played everything i asked for and more he had everyone dancing at all times, also included in this package is a cake from custom cakes by steve @ di sorbo's bakery in hamden his cake was amazing and it tasted better than a cake you would get from one of those big well known italian bakeries in ct. we also got centerpeices on our tables you have a choice of short basket  flowers or super tall vases with flowers ( the are artifical but the ones that look real) the food is amazing all of my guests raved about how much food and how good it was.  there is a private bridal suite where you and your bridal/grooms party can hang out before hand with drinks food and a bathroom 

    they have package deals for various dates that he has listed on his website they also have packages to fit all budgets 

    we paid 75 a head  saturday evening reception for a full sitdown dinner 6 hot apz cheese and veg table with all kinds of food on it  open bar for 4 1/2 h hours  5 course sit down dinner and for the add on package we paid 899 more 

  • Just wanted to say that as a teacher you don't NEED to be married in the summer.  I got married in June while school was still in session and went back to school and then on our honeymoon at the end of June.  Teacher friends who have gotten married have been married in February, November, October, August.  You can really pick any month so if the summer is cost prohibitive, think outside the box a bit.
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