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I just wanted to let you know that I'd be thinking about you and sending all sorts of good vibes your way!! :)

(Same goes for anyone getting married Friday, today, or tomorrow!)

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  • @hikebikebemerry‌ aww that is very sweet of you to say to @goldchocobo‌. Best wishes to all my fellow November brides! :)
  • Thank you!!! I will report back! (I am on my mobile right now) it doesnt feel like the countdown is so close. Hopefully everything goes smoothly.
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  • @goldchocobo‌ yes, everything will be fine. Just enjoy your day with loved ones! :-)
  • Reporting back!!

    Everything was so wonderful, I could go on and on for days!  I hope to get pics very soon!

    The Good:
    - We got to hang out and just chill the night before the ceremony.  We all played cards, drank a bit of wine, and my parents brought snacks to eat.  I didn't sleep well but I was okay.
    - The Day of the wedding was crisp but clear.  All the rain and snow had left us the night before.  There was still some snow on the ground, which I found nice.
    - Our ceremony was casual and I didn't flub any of my lines!  Everyone enjoyed the ceremony.  People were giggling and I hammed it up just a tad.  I couldn't help but wave at the crowd, all happy, but I was very serious during the vows.
    - my photographer was amazing.  He was patient with us, but gave very clear direction.  He took well over 2000 photos he said.  I don't know where his energy came from.
    - Everyone loved my dress!
    - There was so much food and it was all amazing!
    - Our coordinator was great and she was so helpful!
    - Female Cousin can DANCE!  OMG she was so much fun :):)  There was so much dancing!
    - The venue gave us a bottle of champagne in our room at the end of the night.  The staff were so wonderful there.
    - The first look was one of the most touching moments of my life.  There were tears from many people.  I still tear up thinking about it, because DH was so overcome by me in my wedding regalia that he couldn't contain it.  He almost lost it at the ceremony too but the first look helped him hold it together.  Even my brother teared up a little.

    The Bad:
    - There was a road closure near the venue, which was messing with guests.  4 people were late.  2 of those people missed the ceremony altogether but managed to arrive for cocktails.  I managed to warn some, but my photographer got confused by it (he was on time but he said it tripped him up a bit) and I think our florist got confused because my flowers arrived at 2pm instead of 1:30.  This was the only time I made pouty noises: "Where?  Where's my flowers?  You saw the van?  I just need my bouquet ...please please!!"  
    - My mother's flower was a corsage but we jimmied it into a pin (Thanks coordinator!!  :):))
    - Taking the photos was an act in braving the elements.  It was cold.  My MOH looked like she was a lovely shade of blue.  I felt terrible but she insisted it was fine.
    - I snipped at my MIL very briefly during photos.  She shouted something at my mother (I can't remember what it was but it didn't sit well with me.) and I said "That's enough!  I don't need that shit today."  I don't know if she heard me and I don't care.  She did apologize to DH for being difficult these last few months.
    - MIL was ooing and awwing at the first look (family was around at DH's request) and DH said that was seriously annoying him being she was seeing things he couldn't see.
    - The head table got messed up and DH and I were placed on the end instead of in the middle.  I didn't really want a head table, but I found myself unconcerned at the error, and no one noticed.  If they did, they didn't care.  It was easier anyway because standing up in my dress from the chair was cumbersome.
    - 2 of my bridesmaids had a dress issue.  One needed to pin the top of her dress.  One had a seam rip.  She's a seamstress hobbyist so she patched the seam.  The strings on the corset back gown were too long so the girls had to roll them up and pin them inside.
    - My mother is so loud.  She means well but use your indoor voice...

    The Ugly:
    - DH's grandfather (by marriage) got cut off at the bar.  I didn't notice, but he was pretty drunk.  DH's grandmother had a stern word with him outside.
    - The underwire of the strapless bra I was wearing bruised my rib cage.
    - DH's other grandfather saw I had glitter on my chest (from my bouquet) and jokingly called me a cheap tart.  Ugh....  And my mother was right there!
    - MY SOCK BUN FAILED! (after the photographer left, the guests were too busy to care, and after jumping around like a crazy person to "Rock DJ" by Robbie Williams.) It held out for pictures, that's all the matters.  I seriously did not care.
    - I have to wait up to 10 weeks for my professional photos and 6-8 weeks to start changing my name (facebook doesn't count, it's already done LOL)
    - I forgot to mention a departed loved one in my quick speech :(

    All in all, I had an amazing experience and I feel so lucky.  It was a wonderful day and I can now boast that I have an amazing husband :)
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  • How awesome!

    Sorry to hear about the bad, but it sounds like the good far outweighed it!! :)
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  • Sounds like an amazing day!!
  • Absolutely beautiful!!!
    I love your glasses too. Your bouquet looks like my #2 choice.
  • My glasses are Vera Wang frames.  I was joking with my mom that I can say I wore Vera Wang on my wedding day ;)

    Bouquets can be HEAVY.  I loved it.  It has glitter on it and gems and it was just beautiful.  Everyone "Oooooh"'d when we unpackaged it!  I'm drying a few pieces and putting it in a shadow bow (hopefully)
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  • A few pieces sounds so much more logical than the whole thing! I can't wait to see the rest of your photos!
    Do you think things might be better between you and your MIL now that the wedding is over?
  • I doubt that one day changed anything.  But she looked happy.  She knew it wasn't about her.  She enjoyed it!  I was happy to see her genuinely happy :)
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  • Love the photos. I'm glad you enjoyed your day! :-) enjoy being newlyweds
  • You look stunning!!
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  • Just gorgeous!! I'm so glad things worked out with your MIL, even if only for the day that's a start. 
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  • The sock bun looks great!  Your pics are gorgeous.  Love the colors.  :)
  • (I had TK remove the comment with the picture for privacy reasons, but you all saw it)  ^_^
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