Harrisburg/Marysville/Carlisle Wedding Venue

I'm looking for somewhere that I can have the wedding and reception and be able to bring my own food and alcohol. I'm pretty sure this place doesn't exist, but if anyone has any tips please let me know. Whitetail Lodge in Marysville is EXACTLY what I'm looking for but they're all booked next year so that doesn't work.

Also, I need to keep the venue rental around $1000 or less, because I have very little money.

Any help ladies?

Re: Harrisburg/Marysville/Carlisle Wedding Venue

  • Check with Harmony Hall in Middletown. I THINK you can provide your own food and alcohol, but you will need insurance and to pay for bartenders so there are no liabilities.  Also, they have discounted rates in off-season months and also Fridays and Sundays. 

    Other than that, I don't know where you could rent for under $1000 :(. Good luck and I hope you find your perfect place!! 

  • Try Armstrong Valley Winery in Halifax and Carlisle Ribbon Mill. Armstrong Valley was our venue and it was perfect. Not sure how many people you're looking to have, but I think they can only hold around 125 in the barn, although you could rent a tent if you needed more space.

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