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Oh, how helpful! (keeping with the rant theme)

My sister and her girlfriend are flying to CT from Atlanta the Weds before the wedding.  FI has the day off from work and offered to pick them up at the airport. Super!! That's wonderful and so helpful, FI! Good job!

And now, the rant:  FI thought it would be great if he invited them to stay in the guest room so they can help me with things. Um, there are zero things to help with, and we have had numerous discussions about how we are absolutely not having any guests at the house, period.  The guest room is where our flowers are going to keep them away from the cat.  It's also been our staging area for honeymoon packing.  It is also a semi-disaster right now because that is where I have done all of our wedding crafting and where FI has piled up a year's worth of paperwork and it's just been the last thing on our list of priorities right now.  Actually re-decorating it was going to be my post-wedding project.  I am completely grateful for my sister's offer and it would be lovely to sit with her on the couch in front of the fire place with some wine and girl talk but that isn't how this is all going to unfold. 

So now I'm in full-on freak out mode.  In the next week in addition to the day-to-day of having 2 kids in the house (and their extra-curriculars/ homework) who need to eat even if I don't and the regular household things (groceries, cooking, regular cleaning), I have to have the house guest-ready. FI of course has offered to help but even still this is more than I bargained for right now.  Maybe I should just welcome the distraction instead.
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Re: Oh, how helpful! (keeping with the rant theme)

  • That's frustrating.

    Depending on my mood, I would say, "so you're going to reorganize that room for me while I spend quality time with my sister?! That is so sweet of you!"

    Honestly, it's your sister.  I would welcome the distraction AND not go too crazy cleaning; if I was feeling badly that the house/room wasn't tidy, I would give a heads up saying- "Sorry! The bed will be clear, and the sheets will be clean.. but the guest room might be a semi-distaster area!"  People get how hectic things can be.
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  • When I got home from work today FI had the bedding in the washer and was vacuuming. Apparently the clutter in the guest room was collected and he will sort through it this weekend.

    My sister would completely understand but if I mentioned the house being a mess even to give her a heads-up she'd feel bad. She knows I keep a pretty clean house (I've become a neat freak over the years because otherwise I can't find things and I make myself nuts looking for them) and she'd feel like she's imposing.

    I'm going to let FI deal with the guest room and I'll deal with the dusting and vacuuming and it will be lovely to come home from our honeymoon to a nice clean house. From here out it's deep breaths and trying to keep looking at the bright side.
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  • Glad to hear the FI is pitching in!
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  • Oh yikes!  Sounds like your FI is on top of things.  Don't you just love last minute change of plans?  I hope your sister and her girlfriend have a safe trip!
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