Church for Sunday wedding?

Hi all! My fiancé and I are having the most awful time finding a Catholic Church who will marry us on a Sunday. We are getting married Memorial Day weekend at Cescaphe ballroom and do not want to travel too far for the ceremony. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!!

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  • Yes we did! We are getting married at St. Michaels Catholic church.  They required that we bring our own priest and luckily we have a friend of the family who is a deacon who agreed to preform the ceremony.  It is not in the best area but only a mile from Cescaphe.  Since our hotel is providing a shuttle, most guests will not have to fight the streets for parking.  Hope that helps!
  • Thank you so much for responding! What hotel did you decide to use? I was looking at the Omni. 
  • The hyatt at penns landing.  they have a shuttle that seats 25 people that you can put times into your room block contract for so it will be exclusive to you.  It was perfect for us so we didn't have to spend extra money on transportation for guests.  Plus its a beautiful hotel!!!
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