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Which Sandals did you stay at??

FI and I are getting ready to book our honeymoon! Yay!!  We have decided that Sandals might be our best bet.  We are currently looking at the St.Lucia Resorts, Antigua (if the beach is private... I read it might be public) and possibly the Bahamas.  I've been to Jamaica so I wanted to steer clear but I wouldn't be opposed if it has the best resort! 

So where did all you ladies stay??  Any pros or cons?  Things we should look out for?  Also, some info: we like to party but would also like our alone time and we want a private beach with no vendors.

Thank you so much for any advice, tips and info!

Re: Which Sandals did you stay at??

  • we didn't go yet but we are going to Sandals in Grenada in 3 weeks! I can write you a review when we get back :) 
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  • FYI - Antigua's beaches are public
  • We've stayed at the Grande St. Lucian twice, Negril once, Antigua once and Whitehouse once (going back next year). 
    Technically, all the beach at all the resorts are public (one in the Bahamas does have a private island though). That being said, Whitehouse's beach is "private" due to it's location. 

    Below is the link to my website where I have reviews and pics from all of our Sandals trips (hopefully the link works as we just changed our internet service).

    HTH and if you have any questions please feel free to ask.
  • We went to St Lucia for a vacation and stayed at Halcyon but went to the two others. The Grande is more young couples and party atmosphere. Also the most expensive. We are older and like things quieter which we found at Halcyon. The cabanas at Halcyon are free and first come first serve. So if you stay at the Grande you can go to halcyon for the day to enjoy a more quiet day. The grande had the nicest beach and best waters for sailing. there is a National park just outside the resort that you can walk to. There are trails there and an old fort. Take water with you! La Toc resort is very hilly and often the water is too rough for swimming at the little beach there. All offer free snorkeling trips. They take you on a boat to a few different areas. Halcyon and La Toc share the same boat. Go several times as they go to a couple of different places. We found the drinks severely watered down. They can't water down beer and wine though. The beaches are all public and have vendors but not bad.
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