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Shipping ahead to Mexico for our wedding...

We are getting married in Cabo next June and am looking for information on sending things like Welcome Bags, reception items (tablecloths, chargers, signage, etc.). However, I'm concerned about our items getting held up in customs or there being a delay in delivery. 

Does anyone have any experience with shipping items to their hotel prior to the wedding? Should we use a broker? Should we use FedEx, UPS or some other service?

Any help is appreciated!!


Re: Shipping ahead to Mexico for our wedding...

  • We were married in Tulum in September. Our resort stated they did not suggest shipping items AT ALL. This was in writing in the wedding planning paperwork. They said to give at least 6 weeks or more and to use a reputable company (FedEx, UPS) if it was necessary, but even then things very well could get held up in customs. And they recognized that not everyone is honest and forthright in the customs office.

    I went to Goodwill and found a suitcase that was in great shape and had a ton of storage for $15. I carefully packed all of the stuff we needed to bring with us and checked it. Even if we would have paid a checked bag fee (we had free baggage) it still would have only cost about $80 roundtrip and would have been cheaper than shipping. Plus, peace of mind is worth something in my book.

  • I agree with PP, you need to check your contract and see what you can bring. My planner told me Mexico is also very fickle about anything being shiped that's stamped "Made in China". So it holds things up a lot. I think the best plan is a cheap suitcase and the extra baggage fee.

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    Thank you @mrs4everhart and @msuprincess04 for the advise...VERY HELPFUL!! Our wedding coordinator at the hotel did warn me about the "Made in China" items as well. The thought of carrying 30 something welcome boxes for our guests is a little overwhelming but definitely will have peace of mind that they arrived and on time :)  Thanks again!!
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