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Help with Jewish/Catholic wedding

Hello! I am Jewish and my fiance is Catholic. We're planning an interfaith wedding next summer in New Hampshire. We have a cantor, but don't yet have a priest. Does anyone know a Catholic priest in New England who will co-officiate an interfaith wedding outside of a church? I would also love to see what other interfaith couples have done for their ceremony. Thanks!

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    I would ask this question on a local board for New England, not this one, as it's international.

    That said, I don't think you'll have much luck finding a Catholic priest who will officiate at an interfaith wedding or one outside a church.
  • Hi there, I have asked for help with this myself. If you cannot in fact get a Catholic priest to officiate outside of a church, look into perhaps a Deacon or a Minister! Good luck, I wish I had better answers for you.
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    Catholic deacons are bound by the same rules as Catholic priests. For Catholics, the ordinary place for the celebration of sacraments is the local parish church. If you don't want to be married in your local church, you have more discussions that need to happen.
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