has anyone used weddingbug for a photographer/dj?

I am trying to find a budget friendly photography (under $1000) and DJ for our June 2015 wedding. I just received a pricing brochure from weddingbug stating their packages run from $595-$895. it seems like they are a company all around the country, which I am skeptic about. has anyone in the pittsburgh area every used them?

Re: has anyone used weddingbug for a photographer/dj?

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    I had considered using them but decided against it after some research. You book with the company not a specific DJ or photographer so you don't know who you are getting until the last minute, which I didn't feel comfortable with. You could get a great DJ/Photographer or a really terrible one. Also, I told Wedding Bug that I wasn't interested 6 months ago and they are still calling, emailing and TEXTING me!

    There are plenty of DJ's in the area in that price range if you look. I booked Chuck Webb for $550. Off the top off my head I remember Appropriate Moods being about $600. I found them both at a bridal show.

    For photography I booked Chronister visuals for $1600 for two photographers for the entire day with albums. I also saw that CRC Photography has packages for $1200 and under.

  • thank you! i decided to go with others for both. i found a dj for 400 and a photographer for 750. :)
  • What dj did you book?
  • nick deltondo. his email is [email protected]
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