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Vineyard Venue on the East Coast?

My FI and I have family in both New England and Florida, but we live in Louisville. We really want to find a good "middle" and tie the knot somewhere in between. I personally have always dreamed of being married in a big open field, ideally a vineyard. Luckily, that fits "us" perfectly, so that is the venue we are looking for. Does anyone have reccomendations of places they have been or seen? I've virtually browsed some places online like Pippin Farms (way too pricey. 60k average) in West Va., but I'm really struggling on where to look.

Please help :)

Re: Vineyard Venue on the East Coast?

  • Virginia has some beautiful vineyards all within an hour or so of DC. I've been tasting at a few though I haven't been to a wedding at one. I would check out the VA local forum for some great recommendations. 
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  • In the other direction, we just went to a wedding in eastern shore MD at Running Hare Vineyard and it was SO pretty!! Something to consider!

    Also if I were going to get married at a VA vineyard (lots of practice visiting them over the past 6+ years :) ) I would absolutely look at Charlottesville. Specifically King Vineyard and Veritas. Not sure how much they are but absolutely gorgeous and the town is so cute so guests would have enough to do!

    If you're still only interested in NOVA though, I looked at Doukenie and Lost Creek vineyards and liked both! A recommendation would be to be sure you like the wine at the vineyard since you will be paying for it :) 

    Also if you're not attached to vineyards specifically, there are a lot of nice state parks/botanical gardens in the VA/MD area that may still give you the "open field" feel and be easier on the budget!  
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